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    We're in the same boat! It was windy all day here and now cold, 46 low for us I think. They're tough though, cant seem to find a happy medium with temps this year
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    harvesting My little Big Harvest

    Just curious, what are all the long skinny red ones on the left? I have a bunch that look exactly like them and would like to put a name to them. Thanks
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    This pepper just owned me..

    Looks like my caribbean red habs. They're supposed to be hotter than regular orange or reds. Idk about 600k, but I can say for sure they are hotter than my orange habs, taste a lot better too. How was the flavor of this one?
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    chinense Ghost Face Melter beer

    That sounds really good, I love Chili Beer, have you tried it?
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    How to tell when your peppers are ripe.

    I'm not understanding the negative vibe from some of you more experienced growers...You think and talk and brag about your own plants/peppers on a daily basis. Now we're asking for you to show off a little more, with pictures and experience and knowlegde, and we get snubbed. When I signed up at...
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    King Tabasco Pepper

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    How to tell when your peppers are ripe.

    I think we kind of missed the original intended purpose of this thread post pictures of various hot peppers in their stages of ripening to aid novice growers in deciding when to pick their own. Since I'm one of those novice growers myself, I very much look forward to seeing these...
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    Need a few ID's please

    thanks all, I've got probably 100 of those potential tabasco's growing but none ripening quite yet so we'll see. Never heard of the cowhorn, but I did an image search and can't say I got real definitive results, how are they on taste?heat? I was weary about posting pics before I had ripe peppers...
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    Need a few ID's please

    So It's my first year growing and everything is going pretty well, better than expected actually. I bought a bunch of seeds at the beginning of the year, planted them in jiffy pods and didnt bother to label anything. Well now I've got a few plants I can't confidently identify. First 3 pics are...
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    Cajohns scorpion puree!!!

    I actually like it...I've used it in homemade BBQ sauces and a pot of chili so far. It's better than some other sauces I have. I'm not gonna say it's my favorite either, and I have been criticized on my opinions on food before because I'll eat just about anything. By itself it's nothing special...
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    pics Newbie here with my setup pics and some ?'s

    So its been about a week and I thought I better post an update, everything is doing well and plants are looking healthy. Seeing some good growth as well. I took a few pictures of my best plant and a little mystery seedling who popped up the other day and I have a couple questions on both...
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    pics Newbie here with my setup pics and some ?'s

    Just a few more pics of my progress Laid foil over the lights and closed it up a bit Lights dropped down closer and transplanted seedlings to plastic cups. Buried up to their first set of leaves, first real sets starting to come in! Close up, sorry its blurry, camera focus wasn't cooperating
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    pics Newbie here with my setup pics and some ?'s

    Noted, thanks! I'm just about to transplant my leggy ones to plastic cups to get some new roots started. Pics to follow
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    smokers Post your Smoker/BBQ/Cooker pics here

    glad I found this thread! here's a few pics of my arsenal and food I've made with them my first smoker, a brinkmann smoke'n pit(with quite a few modifications) Next up is my weber kettle, which is a great grill as well as smoker and my vertical smoker I made from a 60 gallon air tank, this...
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    pics Newbie here with my setup pics and some ?'s

    thanks guys, after some thinking and looking around more I decided on the tried and true "less is more" because I can always add more if the plant seems malnourished, and I think I'll start looking for something a little more phosphorous rich to use when they do start producing. So far...
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    pics Newbie here with my setup pics and some ?'s

    Well I picked up a fertilizer tonight. Here is a like to it on amazon Its Jobe's all purpose organic. It's a 4-4-4 and it got pretty good reviews in the research I did, so...
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    pics Newbie here with my setup pics and some ?'s

    Thanks for breaking that down for me. I just looked up what foliar feeding is and what you were talking about before makes a lot more sense now. I think I may go and pick up some of the 13-13-13 and see how it does. I did see some ferts that came pellet form though, that were supposed to be...
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    pics Newbie here with my setup pics and some ?'s

    I'm about as far as SW Wisconsin goes, 10 miles from IA and 3 from IL. I have moved the lights closer, and many of them do have a second set of leave coming in. X2 LGHT That sounds like a good idea! I thought building this thing out of a futon frame was redneck haha, so some aluminum foil...
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    pics Newbie here with my setup pics and some ?'s

    Thanks for the help guys! I dont know how I got away with not using photobucket this long, just created my account and loaded pics so here we go. On the left is the tray with the 4 different kinds of peppers, then the habaneros in the middle and on the right. The one in the front/middle is just...