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  1. Datil

    Happy b-day mate! :bday: :woohoo:

    Happy b-day mate! :bday: :woohoo:
  2. Datil

    chinense Burmese Naga ? Pure Evil ?

    Grown Burmese Naga (and it's cousin Myanmar Naga) years ago for a couple seasons then i was not able to germinate it again as my stock aged... Less productive than Dorset, later producer, bigger and hotter pods. Despite the name it's closer to a "fat" bhut. There was a very distinct bitter note...
  3. Datil

    chinense Black Naga its a beast !

    I had to dig through very old shots... Sorry for the PB watermark crap... here's a Black Naga from 9-10 years ago: I remember that it was growing like a weed, scared even the pests LOL a real production machine and rated very high in my naga/bhut heat scale. Never grown it again as i...
  4. Datil

    shopping Grow tents

    I've used DP60 from Secret Jardin with success. It's very small and easy to place in a corner but the build quality is excellent. Now that energy prices have skyrocketed and my growing addiction is smaller (LOL), i start my seeds directly outdoor (plastic greenhouse + heat mat). GL Datil
  5. Datil

    Thank you guys, i have'nt checked thp in a while... :doh:

    Thank you guys, i have'nt checked thp in a while... :doh:
  6. Datil

    Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

    Chiltepin PaulG, very early for a tepin Yellow Fire (c. chinense) Congrats everyone, the quality in this thread is just stunning :cheers: F
  7. Datil

    Purple Thunder / Bhut Jolokia x (PdN x Bonda Ma Jacques)

    PT Yellow/Caramel F4 PT Panama GH F6 So far so good ;) Both in very small pots. F
  8. Datil

    Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

    Thanks Paul, the weather has been very nice so far... I suppose that i will deal soon with monster heat and critters 😂 The Guatemalan Chiltepin seeds come from Semillas, it seems a little different from Tolito maybe closer to this one...
  9. Datil

    Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

    My humble contribution to this killer thread! Chiltepin PaulG (c.annuum v. glabriusculum) Goat Pepper (c. praetermissum) Guatemalan Chiltepin (c.annumm v. glabriusculum) Yellow Fire #1 (c. chinense) Yellow Fire #2 Kudos to all wild growers :woohoo: F
  10. Datil

    Purple Thunder / Bhut Jolokia x (PdN x Bonda Ma Jacques)

    I'm a little late to the party :D Here's a couple (crappy) shots of my only two PT: PT Yellow/Caramel F4 PT Panama GH F6 Seeds are courtesy of PaulG, thanks my friend! I wish a bountiful season everyone! F
  11. Datil

    chinense Habanero De Arbol or "Tree Habanero"

    Amazing Rick!! The legend of this pepper goes on! I'm really interested, DM on his way :D F
  12. Datil

    seeds Thai Hot Seeds Thanks to Mr. Spezzano - Spezzano's Market

    I like peppers with a story behind :D Nice offer :thumbsup: F
  13. Datil

    chinense Naga Yellow (Drax)

    Anders I've grown this one once: Allegedly a chinense x baccatum cross, it's pretty awesome for both the tree-like growth and the flavor. Too bad i've not viable seeds anymore, the original came from smokemaster. F
  14. Datil

    chinense Naga Yellow (Drax)

    Anyone has plant / flowers shots of this one? From the pic and description it reminds me a baccatum.
  15. Datil

    annuum Is Calabrian Diavolicchio difficult to grow from seed?

    Here's a Diavolicchio plant from my past season. I would define it a "bullet proof" variety, you'll be pleased. Datil
  16. Datil

    chinense Bhut Jolokia, aka Ghost Pepper, the New Mainstream Super Hot Pepper

    Nothing but LOVE for bhuts and nagas. I've always found them easier to work in the kitchen because their flavor doesn't overpower dishes like other chinenses. Also the heat level is just right for me (probably nowadays at the lower end of the supers heat range) and despite i've many many dried...
  17. Datil

    PaulG 2022

    What an amazing list Paul! Best of luck for the next season my friend! F
  18. Datil

    A quick peak in Datil's garden

    Here you go with the very last update my friend :D Brainstrains: The last pull on a plate ready for air drying in my kitchen: Your present, really really appreciated: Have a great off-season everyone! :beer: Fabrizio
  19. Datil

    misc Pepper Garden Jargon: the Floral-Fruity Spectrum

    Pretty spot on i must say. Do you like to eat flowers or drink perfume? :D:D I would add that this is often associated to chinenses (so all the superhots). F
  20. Datil

    A quick peak in Datil's garden

    Season's close to an end even if the weather is still pretty good. Took a small annuum harvest saturday and already dried them, they taste and smell very good. Diavolicchio pucks a punch as usual. Still some pods hanging on plants and close to finish. Here's a couple Brainstrain: This is...