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    1st grow ever

    That’s what I was looking at or something real close to that.
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    1st grow ever

    Yeah I want to be able to get them going this winter. Then get a better light next winter to keep them going when I bring them inside. So I will prob keep these lights for seedlings and smaller plants. I will chose a few to keep and order a nice led. I do have a fan I will put on them. I’m at...
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    1st grow ever

    How far can I take a cheap led? If I don’t pot up? If I do I will run out of space. I want to keep them indoors until about march. I’m in zone 8b.
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    1st grow ever

    Well my kiddo adds water when I’m not around so trying to get them dried out some, kinda damp. I’m using 70 watt full spectrum led. cheap but it’s working. The seedlings are under a blurple that was given to me.
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    1st grow ever

    I am getting a few. I did read they are not too harmful. So just watching them to make sure they don’t go crazy.
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    1st grow ever

    I feed about every 10 days just miracle grow plant food. I started them with Neptune fish and seaweed. I’m being cautious.
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    I’m sure you can find tons of info. Welcome. I have never made either, this is my first grow.
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    1st grow ever

    Thanks for the advise and knowledge given. Here is what I have going. The coleus is a rescue from under some Cana. Buena mulata Scropion Anything noticeable? Please let me know. Anthony
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    flavor Hurt berry, 7 Pot primo, Death Spiral, Devil's Nagabrain Flavour opinions please......?

    Have some pics of the 7 pot? I’m growing it right now.
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    issue Carolina reaper seedlings

    I have started many plants this fall, they are mostly doing great. Jalapeno, scorpion, bueno mulata, 7 pot, etc… The reapers I’m having issues with. They all germinate quick and stall. Same water, light, soil etc… this is my second batch and only a few have grown past the seedling stage. The...
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    Hi from the Channel Islands

    Hi from Fort Worth
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    issue Leaves turned down and aphid?

    Just taking a quick picture. That brown spot is directly on top of a new leaf. Couldn’t tell what it was but got it off. Tips turning down on some plants. Thanks
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    trade I have red yucca seeds

    The seeds. Not the plants
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    trade I have red yucca seeds

    Just having fun. I have about 95% germination rate. The seeds are from my landscape plants they are huge. I have started about 20 of them. Just posting this to have fun with the community. I would trade or even send some for free. Just let me know.
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    smoking Chipotle smoke: wood v pellets

    I have a popular pellet smoker and it’s convenient. A friend of mine has a traditional homemade smoker. His always has the upper hand on flavor but he has to tend to it every 3 hrs or so. I do believe I am sacrificing flavor for connivence.
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    Habanero heads unite

    Hi, welcome
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    Hi all,

    Hi from Texas
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    Greeting fellow chili heads

    Can I ask what vendor did you get seeds from?
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    Greeting fellow chili heads

    Hi. I have some garlic on the way too. Keep us updated.