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  1. Brian2112

    trade Trade: Dragon fruit cuttings for pepper seeds

    Hi there, do you still have any dragon fruit cuttings??
  2. Brian2112

    annuum Scary Jalapenos

    My Early Jalapenos were killer HOT Too! I saved some seeds, hopefully they will be just like that next year.
  3. Brian2112

    News! Teen uses homemade pepper spray on another teen

  4. Brian2112

    7 pot vs 7 pot. what is the difference?

    The one on the left does not look like a brain strain to me , the right one could be a barrack pore..but its hard to say..... Just eat them and see if they kick your butt!!!
  5. Brian2112

    hybrid Cross section of a white 7 Pot

    Man, that looks SWEET!!
  6. Brian2112

    Orange Manzanos

    I wish that I had some of those to eat!
  7. Brian2112

    Some can't handle the heat.

    LOL This has happened to me, but not as violent... HURTS pretty bad! :fireball:
  8. Brian2112

    Cajun Bell? Seems too hot

    Yeah they get pretty Hot, like jalapeno hot sometimes, they taste good when they ripen!
  9. Brian2112

    Bhut Jolokia pods(dried) and/or Bhut Powder

    About how much pods would you need?
  10. Brian2112

    no name

    Looks Douglah to me :fireball:
  11. Brian2112

    for-sale Box of Fresh Ghost Peppers with 2 Douglahs for SALE!

    Hi all, Brian2112 here... I have lots of peppers producing right now so im selling a USPS Small Flat Rate Box of Bhut Jolokia with 2 Douglahs! This is a box full of pain! Selling this box for $25 with shipping to the first person who PM's me a message that they want these.. PayPal is going to...
  12. Brian2112


    Thats not a tabasco, they should be growing towards the sky and smaller...
  13. Brian2112

    Aji Limon - bumpy or smooth?

    Yeah, I think the heat has something to do with the bumpy spikes, I have different pods doing the same thing, but nothing like Spikey from 2011... we will see..
  14. Brian2112

    Spicy Chicken's MMXII Grow Log (The Hot Spot Pepper Shack)

    HOLY MOLIE!!!!! :hell:
  15. Brian2112

    Brian2112's Spikey Scorpion Offspring Glog

    Grew the seeds
  16. Brian2112

    Brian2112's Spikey Scorpion Offspring Glog

    Well my Spikey Scorpion Plants are now producing peppers, so here I will keep an update on the plants and pods as they grow to see if we come up with the same spikiness or weird variation as the parent.... :party: Update 6/23/12 Spikey Babies!
  17. Brian2112

    Butch T?

    Nope, not at all :tear:
  18. Brian2112

    Brian2112's 2012 Grow

    Update 6/22/12 Granny Scorps picking up momentum :onfire:
  19. Brian2112

    Brian2112's 2012 Grow

    Thanks Brian, yep those Douglahs are bad to the bone! Good Luck!!