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  1. j.t.delaney

    Opened mail packages

    This is what I assumed. Chili powder is an old-timey odor masking agent in smuggling, but I thought they would have to place a note in the envelope. I travel a lot, and I've gotten a few "love letters" left in my luggage letting me know that my bags had been opened and inspected by US Customs...
  2. j.t.delaney

    Opened mail packages

    All of them have been USPS. The one common thread has been packages with chili powders and dried peppers -- the ones with only seeds are left alone. It's quite peculiar.
  3. j.t.delaney

    Opened mail packages

    I've noticed over the last year that every single package sent to me in the last year with chili powders or dried chilies has been opened. Every single parcel with dried peppers has been cut open along one of the outer seams, and then sealed shut with transparent 2" carton sealing tape. The...
  4. j.t.delaney

    trade Mass Spectrum Botanicals ready to trade for 'everything'

      I traded some of my Ghanaian and Panamanian peppers with him. It did take a little time, but it worked. :) Thanks!
  5. j.t.delaney

    Help with Turkish peppers.

    Ooh ooh: here's a good one:   They pay things the European way, i.e. bank transfers. It's a little bit of a pain from the US, but you do what you gotta do. This guy specializes in local heirlooms.
  6. j.t.delaney

    wanted Urfa Biber (isot) at Old Barn Nursery

    Thanks for the tip -- I've been looking for this one. :dance:
  7. j.t.delaney

    Help with Turkish peppers.,LA_812-2.html#labels=812-2  ...
  8. j.t.delaney

    Anybody with gindungo-cahombo seeds? Angolan

    Me too -- I'd love the chance to grow these.
  9. j.t.delaney

    ajijoe is not closing up shop

    Thank you so much for everything you've done. If things change again, we'll be here.
  10. j.t.delaney

    Treasures from Ghana, part 2

    I wrote my comments with your videos in mind. I'm a big fan of your approach: the emphasis is on highlighting the details and what makes the different varieties unique. You actually go into detail about texture and flavor, and try to relate the sensory experience beyond the immediate TRPV1...
  11. j.t.delaney

    Treasures from Ghana, part 2

    I have to agree. The varieties that have lovingly been taken care of for generations have a chance to really develop character. Landrace pepper varieties are planted and replanted over and over by farmers and gardeners. The main purpose of all that work is to grow something that makes food taste...
  12. j.t.delaney

    Treasures from Ghana, part 2

    Aw shucks -- thanks! Notes like this mean a lot to me. There will be more offers coming very shortly -- a second round of new varieties from Panama, a big batch of goodies from Venezuela, and other places I'll keep a secret for now. :)
  13. j.t.delaney

    Treasures from Ghana, part 2

    Hi there:   My good friend Stanley Okyere in Kumasi sent me some more locally collected seeds from Ghana.  This is the result of an an experiment I'm trying, where I'm looking into different ways of collecting seed varieties that wouldn't be accessible to the outside world. Stanley got seed...
  14. j.t.delaney

    shipping How does one package fresh superhots for mailing?

    Great topic! Does anybody here have experience with doing this internationally? What kind of restrictions are out there to be mindful of, and where? (For example, from the US to Korea or the EU.)
  15. j.t.delaney

    seeds Best strategy for processing large amounts of seeds from C. chinense pods?

    Hi there,   It's harvest season again, and that means separating seeds from pods. Now, the first couple years of doing this, I spent weeks separating the seeds out from the pods with a knife and a pair of tweezers. It was tedious, but I got great results. With the number of pods I have to...
  16. j.t.delaney

    No REAL pods in Ghana

    Need you say it? Yes, I guess you need to say it, because it doesn't make a lick of sense. Shito is about the safest fish product you will ever eat -- good grief, it's made by deepfrying powdered, dried shrimp with peppers, onion, tomato paste and ginger! It keeps just fine. In Gbe, 'shitor' =...
  17. j.t.delaney

    No REAL pods in Ghana

    I can see it already, "Poor Choices, with J.T.Delaney": accidentally crossing the border into Russian-occupied Abkhazia, hanging out in not-quite-legal gold mining sites in Ghana, swimming in the flood swollen rapids of the upper Suriname river. I think there might be liability issues involved. :)
  18. j.t.delaney

    No REAL pods in Ghana

    Shito is a spicy Ghanaian condiment. It's this sort of thick black paste, made with kpakpo shito peppers, ground dried shrimp, a little oil, and boullion. It's hot and intensely savory, and makes everything taste a little more Ghanaian. Akpeteshi is local homemade moonshine. It's made by...
  19. j.t.delaney

    No REAL pods in Ghana

    "..The local food is subsistence level stuff, as well as a lotta VERY BAD "see food"haha, and some really good seafood if you get it fresh..." Hah, obruni PLEASE! ;) Palm nut soup with benke, okra stew, grasscutter with light soup and fufu, kebap, red-red, kelewele, gari and fried fish, not to...
  20. j.t.delaney

    Treasures from Suriname

    I went to the Republic of Suriname a couple weeks ago, and here are a few of the peppers that I found. Suriname is not far from where C. chinense was originally domesticated. It's the smallest country in South America, but over 22 separate languages are spoken there. With its proximity to the...