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    event Chi Town Hot Sauce Expo (June 23-24): First Annual Chicago Hot Sauce Expo

    I'll be there tomorrow...good time
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    Rest in peace P.Dreadie

    I too am sorry I missed this thread....dam.   I shared a few stories with Erin, as my pop was a Jazz musician ...we indulged in some upbeat flash from the past ! .Erin ( the technical wizard ) will be missed   RIP
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    The Last Great Pizza Thread

      A couple of pies today, first one starts out with a puree of Lemon Grass, Thai Basil, Thai Chili's, Asian Chives and Mustard Oil.     The dough is topped with the Thai Pesto, grated Scarmorza Cheese, Cipollini Onions, Chicken Wing Meat and sliced Thai Chili's.     Ultra thin crust pizza was...
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    The Last Great Pizza Thread

        I've used Neonata and a few similar products mixed into a Cabonara/Linguine dish.......not on a pizza,....yet,      Yes last few pizza's are cheese no sauce.......I might make a couple more this afternoon
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    Happy Birthday to Buddy !!

    Happy Birthday buddy !   :woohoo:  :bday:   :woohoo:
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    The Last Great Pizza Thread

    a few more from earlier         White Pie.....Smoked Mozzarella, Fontina, Ricotta Salata and a drizzle of Calabrian Chili Oil     All white and pink in the middle.......with the addition of Hot Capicola.     Smoked Provola with smoked Bacon, Pepperdew and dabs of fresh milled Tomatoes.     I...
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    The Last Great Pizza Thread

      Rolled a few's one with the festive colors       Grated Padano and torn Basil finish this one off.     Happy Holidays !
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    The Last Great Pizza Thread

        Hey thanks Terry..   The first pizza was baked indoors in the oven, and yes it was a different dough recipe...bulk rise container...not from one of the disc's pictured in the first photo. The dough from the first pie was made with Caputo Metro flour which is milled for temps under 700 F. It...
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    The Last Great Pizza Thread

      ah......why not here's one more.     It's hard to beat a Honeycrisp apple.......and when a few cases fall off the back of the truck it's even better...... :P     An apple flambe' with sliced Ghost Pepper and Bourbon     63% hydrated dough (Caputo Pizzaria) with Apples, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese...
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    The Last Great Pizza Thread

      Pizza today...     It all starts out with a braise of Goat Shoulder, Scotch Bonnets, Garlic, Scallions, Ginger, Allspice, Jamaican Curry     A sauce made from Plum Tomatoes, Plaintains, Scotch Bonnets, Scallions, Brown Sugar, Dark Rum, Malt Vinegar, Thyme, Allspice and Salt.       3 hr...
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    The Last Great Pizza Thread

      Perfect......I new my half baked Deep Dish Spinach, Mushroom, WM Motz, Provolone, Plum Tomato, Pepperoni, Cheddar Pie was missing something ?   THP 's pizza joint pie has givi'in me an idea   Some Anchovie OIL...........but will it go with my Jameson and Coke....... :lol:
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    The Last Great Pizza Thread

        The jar on the left is ground chili pepper oil. For every 1 cup of ground fresh Calabrian Chili's I'll take 1/2 c of both Sun Flower Seed and Extra Virgin Olive all in a cold saute pan, set range burner to low and sweat the mix uncovered for 15 min. Once the oil is at room...
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    contest BEGIN! Pizza Pizza Pizza Throwdown

    That looks great !   It got my taste buds go'in...
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    The Last Great Pizza Thread

    @ Red Savina & dragonsfire...non of the pans are  black  iron, the top few are straight sided coated steel and the bottom are aluminized steel   which are heavily seasoned through the years causing that black appearance. I haven't used any of the black iron deepdish before, but having a   good...
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    The Last Great Pizza Thread

       Calabrian chili's.............ground pepper/oil...infused oil.....flakes.   It pays to grow your own.     Blond pie, no sauce...Fresh Mozzarella, grated Fontina and Speziato Cheeses, Calabrian chili powder     The addition of infused Calabrian Oil rounds this pie out.     Baked in the BGE...
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    contest The Next Throwdown is...

      No such cat....   "Ride a painted pony, let the spinnin' wheel spin"   shed no...Blood, Sweat & Tears   :P
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    Store Bought Munchie Time

    Nice store bought the amount of bacon used !......what's the cooler in the cup ?
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    2015 Pepper Hauls

      Bonnets Galore !     I'm still getting plenty of Bonnets from the plants. Haven't watered in two weeks, the plants are getting a bath everyday from  the early morning fog.   Picked a couple of shopping bags worth today for a local Caribbean joint..........Drinks, Dinner..........and some...
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    What was the last spicy meal you cooked?

    I couldn't pass up making this appetizer with these fresh ingredients...             Hawaiian Uhu.......and some other local ingredients,,,,,,,,,Pineapple, Papaya, Hula Onion, Tomato, Avocado, Cilantro............Citrus..........Peppers     Chopped up the fish, added the Lime, Lemon and Orange...
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    Happy Birthday Pic1

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes !         Trish and I enjoyed a couple of local brews in the afternoon at the Maui Brewing Co before going out to a great dinner at Mama's Fish House in the evening.