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  1. frank225

    sfrb 18$

    The kraken is pretty good but i actually like the jays peach ghost scorpion better. Taste and heat is real good
  2. frank225

    sfrb 18$

  3. frank225

    sfrb 18$

    Got a small flat rate box of peppers that includes kraken scorpion, jays peach ghost, red bhut jolokia, Trinidad scorpion, *moruga yellow*(haven't picked them yet) msg me I'd interested
  4. frank225

    breeding accidental crosses

    Hmmm this is oa 2nd year plant but out of all the pods only had this one that look just like a habanero
  5. frank225

    breeding accidental crosses

    Everyones plants should be producing pepper any accidental crossea..I have over 100 plants and let like 20 open pollinate.. Well on my moruga yellow plant I have a habanero looking pepper I think my moruga crossed with a carribean red habanero. Will post a pic in a bit
  6. frank225

    Have a Great 4TH Everyone!!

    Happy 4th pepper fam
  7. frank225

    event The Louisiana Hot Sauce Expo

    Who going to this its next month. I will be there.
  8. frank225

    wanted Looking for Superhot Peppers :) Give him a call he might sell you a flat rate box. He got alot of peppers he named a few in the add but man he got more!!
  9. frank225

    louisiana and surrounding area

    Also he started a group on facebook "Gulf South Pepperheads" like I said helping my friend out.
  10. frank225

    louisiana and surrounding area

    I got a friend who sells peppers,seeds, powders, plants. This man's front yard and backyard is truly amazing.. He got alot of varieties from mild to super. Well check em out good person so just wanted to help him out
  11. frank225

    4-5 exotic varieties to grow next year - help me choose

    Aribibi gusano... I recently tried it. You should give it a try I'm planning to grow it next year
  12. frank225

    seeds seeds still good

    Well I got a few peppers that the birds took one bit from them and left them alone. I left it alone and it riped its color. But I was told the seeds might not be no good to use? Any true to this?? Thanks in advance
  13. frank225

    Not producing pods

    I was having same problem with my jays peach ghost! I went out there like 3 days in a row with a q tip and self pollinated after 3rd day I got aggravated and left it alone and I say like a week later I had alot of small pods
  14. frank225

    have no clue

    Well the guy finally msged me back after two days but its a abhaz biber.. Which I can't find nothing about it online! Except that he got from john Ford any clue of they like jalapeƱos and good green?? Or let em ripe??
  15. frank225

    have no clue

    Well was given to me so have no idea what it could be
  16. frank225


    Here goes a ripe update
  17. frank225

    Grocery store pepper ID

    I got some cherry red pepper are these the same?? Will post pics tomorrow when I go around my garden.. Also heat wise how would y'all rate this pepper. Mine will finish riping in a few days can't wait to try
  18. frank225

    wanted looking for

    Ima start them off in my grow room this October so I can have a early start for next year!!
  19. frank225

    wanted looking for

    Yea I know. And OK if you do let me know and we'll figure out a trade or something