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  1. CraigZee

    WOW! Check out this 'NEW' Butch T!

    Outbackshacktraderss is a wanker. He killed ebay for people that were selling proper seeds. With his listing saying that plants should be spaced at 30cm and rows 30cm apart, clearly he has never grown any. You uonce had a picture of the seed that was clearly not scorps. Besides all that, I love...
  2. CraigZee

    Alternative to plastic pots

    I have used the 15 gallon bags for over 2 years.
  3. CraigZee

    Hi from Sydney, Australia!

  4. CraigZee

    Butch T pods needed. 4-6 ounces please

    I can do you some as dried.
  5. CraigZee

    sun Full sun or partial sun?

    I have been growing in full sun with many daylight hours. I was before growing in full sun with less daylight hours, ie there were trees on either side the sun went behind, and my plants did much better. I have not resorted back to less sun, partial shade and my planrts are loving it.
  6. CraigZee

    copyright and trademarks

    Okay. I do not practice in the area of Intellectual property Rights but i did study it at law school. Trademarks are only worthwhile if they are so closely connected to you business that if another person was to use it, they would mistake it for your product/brand/company and you would lose...
  7. CraigZee

    Website Plagarism.

    Geeme is correct about the for-profit part. Also it is whether the 'borrower' as a significant commercial entity. A case example was JK Rollins law suit against a small publication that made a 'Book of Wizards'. As the small publication had a very low commercial value when compared to JK's Harry...
  8. CraigZee

    Website Plagarism.

    Hi all... I saw a thread about people nicking other peoples webpage content. Here is a link I often used while I was at law school. If you copy and paste your web content into it, it will do a google search and return you any results and a percentage. From memory, anything above 7% is plagarism...
  9. CraigZee

    vendor buying seeds in Australia

    Buy your seed as close to you as possible. Even if you pay a few more dollars. Closer the better. The Chilli Seed Bank also has a great range. Ebay is hit and miss.
  10. CraigZee

    Another sick plant, but I can't think of what it could be??

    I've had exactly this looking thing. I am in the tropics, so fungus is always an issue. I spray fortnightly with Pyrethrum and a fungicide for a couple of months and add a good handful of manure each week. The plants eventually sort themselves out. I havent lost any from it.
  11. CraigZee

    Growing olives

    The Olive is a class B weed.
  12. CraigZee

    Total Newb Question :-)

    I would also buy some legit seed from a legit buyer (not ebay) so you can get a funky exotic variety going too. It copsts the same amount of money and time to grow a chilli you can by at the shop as it does to grow a chilli that you can only get off your plants. I always recommend people buy...
  13. CraigZee

    Trinidad Scorpion (ButchT) "NT" bbq sauce

    Yes. Thanks for that 3-5. I have since sorted it out. Cheers.
  14. CraigZee

    Trinidad Scorpion Butch T - Producing Pods Inside Under Fluorescent Light

    Jester. Those parent plants that that seeds is from is the same generation that Neil Smith at the Hippy Seed Company had in 2010. The same gen as what the Chilli Factory recieved. The seed I got off Neil was off parent plants grown from seed Neil got from Butch Taylor the year before. The...
  15. CraigZee

    powder-flake Tablespoon of Ghost Pepper Powder Challenge

    Dried powder would taste like dirt in any case. Gross. I eat whole Bhut pods and ButchT's, but very cautiosly. The chilli commands respect otherwise you will be punished.
  16. CraigZee

    Pauly's Grow Log

    How are your Scorps going now?
  17. CraigZee

    The Chilli Factory's Scorpion Strike

    Unfortunately it is expensive to send items to the USA. The US postal service has now intorduced an additional charge of $9 on all goods over 500grams. Apparantlky they are inspecting all items over 500grams and this addition charge is to cover that cost. We are working on a strategy to be able...
  18. CraigZee

    why is my fatalli pepper plant wilting?

    Sounds like a form of chilli blight. Its a soil based disease. The lower leaves start to wilt like they have been steamed, then it moves up the plant. once the wilt egtes to the top, the plant is terminal. It is highly contagious and will spread from plant to plant just like what geeme said. You...
  19. CraigZee

    Pickled Trinidad Scorpion (ButchT) Chilli

    We have a jar for people to try here... They will be up on soon.
  20. CraigZee

    Pickled Trinidad Scorpion (ButchT) Chilli

    We just made our first batch of pickled Trinidad Scorpion (ButchT) chillis. They have just been long enough to be eaten. OMG. They are so fricken hot, it unbeleivable. I had one and my wife asked me what they tasted like. I seriously couls not tell her because everything was a blurr for 20...