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    Kratky Indoor Pepper Crosses

    Hello everyone thanks for stumbling on my GLOG. My first one ended in a "failure" in that I had to terminate all the plants during moving. Well the good news is I'm moving again in a few weeks, it's been such lovely times.   For now I am in an apt and have about 7 pepper plants huddling for...
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    My First Grow Log - PNW Space Peppers

    It's 2020 and the growing season is coming. I've currently got one obsession: Space Chilies. Chinese Hangjiao #1-10, growing them, eating them, maybe selling them. This will be not only my first outdoor pepper grow, but my first soil-less media pepper grow as well.   Read more about Chinese...
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    vendor Hangjiao #2 Meteor

    Does anyone know any source for these seeds? I have sourced all other 9 and this one eludes me. I'm trying to grow all 10 this season. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Hello from Smaller Growing

    Hello I am a hobby grower attempting to start a small market garden business, but the peppers are just a side project. Currently I have a small grow tent with a DWC Purple UFO and a Kratky Datil Pepper under Sansi LED lights, I'm using Masterblend Tomato 3 part for both. This is my first grow...