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  1. nmlarson

    capsaicin Identifying Capsaicin Cultivars

    Hi, All, I was gifted a "mystery" pepper plant, which I suspect is an accidental cross. In trying to ID it, I've been looking through the forums for a "one stop shop" reference article on the identifying characteristics of the more common genus. What am I missing or isn't there an entry like...
  2. nmlarson

    shopping 10% off Insect Protection, Including Netting

    Hey, All,   Just a quick note that Greenhouse Megastore is offering 10% off all their insect protection products I've used their insect netting very successfully, and it lasts more than one season.  I have some I've used three years and it's still in good shape, just a little dirty and yellowed...
  3. nmlarson

    grills Napoleon Grills

    Hi, Guys, I have a Napoleon Grill, which I've had for about eight years. It has three grill burners, a rotisserie, infrared searing burner and a side burner. I love it, however I've never been able to get a handle on the side burner. The flame is just out of control. I should say that this...
  4. nmlarson

    Here they come, Edmick! Put out the nets!
  5. nmlarson

    Air Fryers... Worth giving up the counter space?

    I'm thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and picking up one of these. I thought I'd throw a hook out and see if anyone has an opinion on them. Are they any more than just a little convection oven? What's your favorite dish to cook in it? What brand & model do you have? What do you love...
  6. nmlarson

    Nan's Trying it Again 2019 Veggie Garden

    Last summer (2018), was my fifth year trying to garden at the local Community Gardens.  I really gave it the old college try, but, when my uphill garden neighbor put down rubber roofing for weed block and it rained 14" in a space of 10 days, it became very apparent THAT location was not for me...
  7. nmlarson

    recipe Looking for a proven recipe for Cream of Parsnip Soup

    Earlier this year, I met a friend at a small French restaurant in Lancaster, PA and had an amazing bowl of cream of parsnip soup.  It was velvety smooth, creamy and had just a bit of "warm" spice, i.e., allspice, to it.   Sooooooo, I decided to grow parsnips this summer, fickle as they are.  We...
  8. nmlarson

    Happy Birthday, EDMICK!

    :bday: Have a FABULOUS year!  Party on!   :bday:    :high:  :hotsauce:  :drunk:  :beer:
  9. nmlarson

    baking Pizza! From "the bread bible" by Rose Levy Beranbaum

    I broke diet today, because I had to have some pizza!  When the Boss asked for pizza recipes, this is the dough I posted, HERE: The cookbook spends pages on the recipe, but once you've read through and made it once, it's a...
  10. nmlarson

    hydroponic Can you prune roots in a hydroponics situation?

    I'm wondering why you couldn't do a bit of root pruning in a deep water container to encourage a more vigorous root mass. Also, to keep nutrient at a higher level. Any thoughts?
  11. nmlarson

    Root Pouch brand Fabric Pots on Sale at

    For those of you who are or want to grow in fabric pots, A.M. Leonard's Gardeners' Edge company has their Root Pouch brand fabric pots on sale, 10 for $34.99, and right now with free shipping.  I've not used their bags in the past, so can't testify whether the 4 to 5 year life span is accurate. ...
  12. nmlarson

    I can't help myself.....LOL

    And, I suppose I don't really care.  Ha.  These NuMex Sauve Orange have been such a big hit, I decided to see if I could do a winter grow under the lights.  The first of 4 planted popped today.  If we head south this winter, I'll just pack them up and take them along!  
  13. nmlarson

    fermenting Do You Use Parts of a Sunscalded Pepper in Ferments or Sauces?

    Hi all,   I'm about to attempt a ferment for the first time and really appreciate all the guides and collective wisdom this forum has to offer.  However, after a sincere search, I've not been able to find the answer to a question.   Have any of you, in your hot sauces or ferments, used the...
  14. nmlarson

    Marinated Peppers

    There never seem to be enough of these peppers to last from one season to the next, so I've resolved to put up about three times what I normally do, which is normally 8 or 10 half pints.  Here's the recipe:     The...
  15. nmlarson

    Oven-Roasted Red Sauce

    So, yesterday I made the first batch of my favorite oven roasted red sauce of the season.   Start with some tomatoes.  It doesn't matter what type, or variety of types, you use.  If you use sauce type tomatoes, or a lot of them in your mix of tomatoes, you'll get a thicker sauce.  I used a...
  16. nmlarson

    A shocking (and hot!) tip for preserving produce

    Last year, I ended up having some unplanned surgery on a knee, right at the peak of harvest.  In my attempts to find a way to preserve the harvest, without "preserving" the harvest, I stumbled on this method.  Not having access to the volumes, I didn't pursue it.  Now that harvest is upon us, I...
  17. nmlarson

    Salting Sauces

    I didn't want to hijack ShowMeDaSauce's new thread, "Getting this one started today or tomorrow," but here's a question to all you sauce experts, about the temperature at which you adjust your salt seasoning.     I'm an above-average cook but a novice at hot-sauces.    Achieving the same "salty...
  18. nmlarson

    water ATTENTION Great Britain Growers! What's a "water butt?"

    Having just read a disturbing article from The Sunday Times, I need to ask any Great Britain growers this question.....   What's a "water butt?"   No jokes, please.  I'm dead serious.  Read for yourself:  ...
  19. nmlarson

    Anyone proficient with Tapatalk? Need help for non-THP members following me.

    Hello all,   Recently, I installed Tapatalk on my phone to stay in touch with THP.  Last evening, I received a notification I was being followed by a username I didn't recognize and wasn't listed on the Members List here.  When I went into the Tapatalk settings to create a bit more privacy, I...
  20. nmlarson

    Can someone help identify this new weed?

      Can anyone help identify this weed?  It is new to our community gardens within the past 2 years, and is spreading like wildfire.  It gets a yellow flower on a tall stalk, the mature plant being about 18" tall.  We have quite a few gardeners from India and Bhutan, and I'm wondering if it might...