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  1. Sizzle Lips

    Welcome to The NEW Hot Pepper!

    Have not stopped in for awhile......this new forum format looks pretty slick....nice!:hot:
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    favorite Favorite supermarket sauce?

    Solar Flare from Pepper North
  3. Sizzle Lips

    Hello from Ontario

  4. Sizzle Lips

    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

    If only i could have back all the baseball cards i messed up in the spokes of my bike 60 years ago.
  5. Sizzle Lips

    seeds A seedling hardening idea - thoughts?

    I agree as well with shade cloth..... i think using plastic even with slits will just create an oven effect and cook your plants.
  6. Sizzle Lips

    Hey from Ontario (the one in Canada)

    Welcome to the Hot Pepper.
  7. Sizzle Lips

    Dancing as I Grow WILDS etc. "Chutney" Style '21.

    Very nice list of Wilds.....good luck on your grow.
  8. Sizzle Lips

    Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome toTHP.
  9. Sizzle Lips

    Edible dosing

    Thanks for your help peppersproutfarm.
  10. Sizzle Lips

    Edible dosing

    Lets see if i am close.... if i use two of theses syringes that are 85% thc to make 40 gummies.... the dosage would be approx. 42.5 mg each? If i cut them in half to make 80 gummies @ 21.2 mg. Is this correct?
  11. Sizzle Lips

    Edible dosing

    So would two of these equal 2000 mg?  
  12. Sizzle Lips

    Edible dosing

    Maybe someone here can help me out with this....i have a one gram syringe of thc distillate that is 84% recipe will make 40 many miligrams of thc in each gummie.
  13. Sizzle Lips

    vendor Looking for vendor or person for 2020 seed supply

    This is one of my best seed buying experiences I have had. Justin at has a huge selection of seeds and is awesome to deal with.
  14. Sizzle Lips

    labels Label Printing

    I had a $2000 Dell Laser printer and my Ink jet printed much better photos....Ink and good quality paper will make your labels pop better than laser.....I think laser is great for high speed printing of multiple copies of things ....flyers, brochures and small catalogue's.
  15. Sizzle Lips

    fermenting Empty Airlock :'(

    I have had this problem before as well ....and as BBS has already mentioned I think it was caused by temperature fluctuation.
  16. Sizzle Lips

    N00b from Denver

  17. Sizzle Lips

    New member from Brazil!

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    misc Gallons for Hot Sauce

    All i ever see in restaurant kitchens is plastic gallon jugs of hot sauce ,bbq sauce......a lot of places do not want big glass containers in the kitchen area,they can slip from greasy hands very easily.
  19. Sizzle Lips

    Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome to THP.
  20. Sizzle Lips

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to THP.