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    THP needs YouTube subscribers...

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    hi from bellingham

    Hi from the east and south of ya!
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    How to apply insecticidal soap?

    First time in pots this year  (5 gal buckets) for me and having to deal with aphids. The most effective so far was the soap spray, but I still have them at a much reduced level, but if I don't keep after them, they multiply quickly (from birth to reproducing adult, 8 days).  I saw info online...
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    Tomatoes seedlings WAY too tall, can I trim tops until I can plant?

    Topping will end that growing tip and you will be reliant on suckers to provide continued growth. Better to trench plant them like Northeast Chileman suggested.  Planting them really deep will keep the main root ball cooler and may not grow as well initially as the trench planting. If they are...
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    do you have a EDC (every day carry)

    EDC pocket dump:   1) Slim wallet -Allett brand 2) Zebra light flash light sc600 II L2 , older model but still works good 3) Keysmart key organizer 4) Leatherman Wave Plus, upgraded the straight knife blade to 154cm steel, upgraded the serrated blade to a straight blade S30V steel (this is my...
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    Effective gopher control methods?

    I've found the macbee traps effective on my 5 acres. You do have to make it a point of routinely surveying  for new mounds ( this is my downfall). If it's a brand new mound, I will push away the dirt to find the single tunnel that was supplying the mound and set the trap in it. Otherwise I use a...
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    Maybe do a germination test now or start your back ups at the same time you were planning to start  the questionable seeds.  That way, the back up plan (if needed), won't  delay your season.   I also had some low  to no germination from some of the seeds I got there for this past season. Most of...
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    annuum Zapotec Jalapenos

    This is the 1st year i have Noticed Ear Wig Bugs doing this to my Peppers? And odd they Chose the Zapotecs And NOTHING Else?   I have a similar problem when my Chichimeca jalapenos turn red. For me it seems to be a one two punch from the earwigs and rolly poly bugs. They didn't bother the Mucho...
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    seeds Are Jamaican Hot Chocolate especially difficult to germinate??

    My Jamaican Hot Chocolate seeds also came from Tradewinds and I ended up ok. I did have some germination problems overall with my peppers this year, I don't recall if  I had problems with those.
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    is this damage from a hole boring insect?

    To my knowledge, blossom end rot always starts at the blossom end and then spreads.   I get a similar bug damage on my ripe Chichimeca jalapenos. Sometimes they eat a hole all the way though the wall. I think it's the roly polie bugs (pill bugs) even though they normally eat dead stuff.
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    is this damage from a hole boring insect?

    Accidentally double posted       
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    annuum Zapotec Jalapenos

      All this talk about the Zapotec jalapenos is pushing me to try them next year. My go to jalapenos have been Chichimeca and Mucho Nacho.   Chichimeca: Earliest  to ripen, big pods and hottest jalapeno I've had. Cons: little heat until they cork, bugs like to drill into the red ones, little more...
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    Hello from the Northwest

    Hi fellow Washingtonian!   What part of the state are you in?
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    Hi from Kennewick! What part of Washington are you in?
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    Stopped Lurking and Signed Up

    Hi from just a little North East of Ya!    
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    Weird Food Combination?

    Ketchup on scrambled eggs. Sounds weird, but ketchup, a diced up hot pepper, and grated cheese, on scrambled eggs, yum!
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    Howdy from Western Washington!

    Hi from East of the Cascades!
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    Hello from Western Washington!

    Hi from the east side of the state!   Cheers with beers!
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    Howdy from Washington State

      Kennewick.   What peppers are you growing this year? You can list them on your profile, here or wherever. Mine are pretty tame compared to some of you that grow the superhots.   Cheers with beers!
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    Howdy from Washington State

    Hi fellow Washingtonian!