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    for-sale Medium Boxes Habaneros (Paper Lantern) $36

    Hi Again, After getting a Medium flat rate box from the post office, it looks like it holds around 4 lbs 4 oz (give or take) according to my highly accurate scale. I have 3-4 Medium size boxes worth of peppers ready to go now. They are excellent peppers for sauce in my opinion but they...
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    for-sale Paper Lantern Habaneros SFRB $14

    Hey, I have a lot of Paper Lantern Habaneros ready and more on the way. Heat level rated at 200,000-350,000 SHU. This has been my primary pepper for hot sauce and it does a great job. SFRB $14 I can also do Medium flat rate boxes if someone is interested. I think it would be about $50-55 (it...
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    sales Paper Lantern Habaneros

    Hey, I have a bunch of paper lantern habaneros and I have run out of freezer space. What size box are people selling them in b/c I don't see them specifying when they post it for sale. And what would be a good rate for habaneros? Thanks
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    Hello, growing Habaneros in Georgia

    Hello, growing Habaneros in Georgia. Now i'm getting more Paper Lantern Habaneros than I know what to do with.
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    Hello from South GA

    Hey,   I'm a new user, I read the Forums sometimes. I played around with growing a variety of plants and now  only grow peppers. Mostly right now I have a lot of Cayenne (a variety), tabasco peppers, and some Chocolate Bhutlahs. Also growing some jalepeno's and poblano's for stuffing and...