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  1. Bicycle808

    seeds Crash course on growing seedlings in coir

    Yeah, I've searched a little, but then i realized that the forum has been a lil sleepy lately, so what harm might a new version of a potentially redundant post do? So, this year, I'm hoping to start seeds my usual way (wet coffee filters in baggies) but transfer them into Solo-type cups, filled...
  2. Bicycle808

    Bike808 twenty/twenty growlog for chumpz

    Well, last year, i had a pretty successful grow, but an utter failure of a GLOG. I wasn't nearly as diligent with updates as i ought've been, and i never got good with the pictures while posting from my phone, which is downright pathetic. I have to confess, i was posting more on FB, i guess...
  3. Bicycle808

    Jamaican Yellow Hot aka Jamaican Mushroom aka Yellow Squash Peppers, etc

    I've seen these things sold under a number of names, and I've even seen them mislabeled as "Scotch Bonnets." I'm talking about these things that assist to be an annuum x chinense cross, and they're shaped kinda like an inverted Scotch Bonnet? Know what I'm talking about? They come in both Red...
  4. Bicycle808

    Seed Etiquette (JHC)

    I have been inventorying my seeds. I have a lot. Too many to handle; if i never order another seed, or accept any gifts/trades, it would likely take me years to grow thru this pile i got. I have almost everything i need for 2020's grow; i need to buy some dried Guajillos to save seeds from, and...
  5. Bicycle808

    Weird plant problem with dead flowers

    Ok so I'm growing two plants from seeds that were supposed to be Giant Yellow Congos but the one of them is putting out red pods that are off-shaped but, to be fair, they are pretty big. But that's not the plant in writing about today. Writing about his "brother," the other nof-Giant Yellow...
  6. Bicycle808

    dehydrators Pepper Ppl: is this dehydrator rad???

    ...or does it suck?!
  7. Bicycle808

    Weird pest epiphany

    So, I've had a recurring issue with earwigs; they like to bore a hole in my pods and camp out in there for awhile. It's gross, and bc they seem to like the same kinds of peppers as I do, it's really frustrating. I usually just pluck and toss the pods as soon as I find the hole in'm. My...
  8. Bicycle808

    hybrid Eating mysterious peppers and my own words. (A rant on crossed seeds)

    Earlier this year, I poo-poohed folks here on THP and elsewhere for whining about finding that open-pollinated seeds they'd bought ended up being unknown crosses. My thoughts were (maybe still are?) that you know that's a possibility when you bought the seeds, and that open-pollinated seeds...
  9. Bicycle808

    Help me identify this nutrient deficiency

    I'm growing 24 Zapotec Jalapeños in a 16 x 4' raised bed at my Community Garden. There is a smattering of volunteers that i'd spared growing among them as well. One plant is looking really yellow, and I'm trying to figure out what i can do to help that plant, and also why there's only one plant...
  10. Bicycle808

    2019 Pod reviews

    Ate my first 2019 pods last night... After what seemed like forever, watching these things ripen, I picked two pods yesterday. A Sugar Rush Peach and what was labeled as a Yellow NagaBrain but the pod turned out red. It sure appear to be a NagaBrain otherwise. The SRP was first to be sampled...
  11. Bicycle808

    soil Quick and dirty recipe for potting soil to be used in cloth pots?

    Ok, so I finally got around to finishing off my raised beds; they're all built up and I had the local garden center drop off four yards of topsoil on Saturday. Big dump truck came, dropped topsoik at my curb where my wife normally parks her car, and we spent the whole day moving it to the beds...
  12. Bicycle808

    sun Sun Damage or Mosaic Virus or...

    Please check out the link for ain't pics. Some info in the captions. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm entering full-blast paranoia mode. Thanks in advance, ROB
  13. Bicycle808

    Did I F up?

    I planted about half of my plants yesterday, and I'm stoked about it... Or I was. Until I realized that overnight temps are dipping to 46°F tonight and possibly as low as 44°F tomorrow night. Are my young plants doomed?
  14. Bicycle808

    What do y'all do with your volunteer plants?

    Some of my long term beds have hundreds of volunteers sprouting up, pretty much just annuums. No sign of Chinense. They are so tiny now, and all my starts are so far ahead of them, in not tempted to like really grow then out... But I'm thinking of maybe growing some indoors, for shits and...
  15. Bicycle808

    Chilhuacle Amarillo/Negro/Rojo

    Hello. Yes, I searched the topic. Found some promising leads in other threads that didn't yield a whole lot of info, but they at least let me know the identities of folks who have grown these chiles. But, before I stalk those growers via unsolicited direct messages, I figured I'd ask here. The...
  16. Bicycle808

    What's up, HomeGirls? (Mexican Oregano)

    Hey, sweetie... Anyone got a lead for good Mexican Oregano seeds? I'm looking for Lippia graveolens. I am not currently interested in growing the Mediterranean shit (Origanum vulgare.) I'm thinking about growing something other than chiles, for once.
  17. Bicycle808

    When should I start my baccatums?

    Hi. If I plan on starting my Supers in a month, and my other chinense in six weeks, and my annuums in like March or someshit, when ought I be starting these Lemon Drops and Brazilian Starfish and Bishop's Crowns and such? I'm in NJ. Zone 7 something or other.... Thanks in advance!!
  18. Bicycle808

    Bike808 getting Dirty in Jersey

    Well, it's that time of year where old fashioned folks are making resolutions, and I want to resolve to work on my GLOG consistently in 2019. 2018 was a great year, despite some considerable setbacks. I managed to grow far more chiles than I could ever hope to eat, so I gave tons away. In the...
  19. Bicycle808

    in search of OG Cappy-stock Red Brainstrain seeds

    I grew Red Brains from ccn and from WHP this year. I had grown from ccn last year as well. Loved the experience, but i feel like i wanna get the "real deal" if i can. Hoping for more uniform pods, hopefully bigger in size, and i suspect the heat isnt as huge as the original strain, either. Will...
  20. Bicycle808

    annuum Let's talk trash about Serranos

    So a little while back, when I had thought I was done starting seeds for 2018, someone posted a "what's your favorite pepper?" thread and I was surprised to see how many THPers claimed Serranos as their favorite. I'd grown Hot Rod Serranos (fwiu an F1 hybrid) last year, and I used to grow piles...