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  1. SavinaRed

    annuum Mammoth Jalapeno

    I'm growing these mammoths for the first time this year and it has a great taste and some nice kick to them. Here is a pic. I really like them red.
  2. SavinaRed

    Swarm of Honey Bees just listen to them a 1000 plus

    A quick video of all the honey bees on my nectarine tree, its been like this for a week now.
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    Meyer Lemons

    I'm going to try and grow some from seed. They are one of the only citrus that does grow true to seed. They say it takes 4-5 years to fruit. I already have one thats been fruiting for 5 years that was grafted but I'm going to grown these to give away to friends and family. 
  4. SavinaRed

    Its been a while here is a tour

    I started posting a few youtube videos of my yard and what I'm growing. I practice Dave Wilson Nursey method called high density planting and backyard orchard culture.    This one is from 2018 and 2020 2021  
  5. SavinaRed

    Updated Video on Backyard 4 part series

    I just uploaded all the changes to my yard since the last video. Here they are from Youtube    
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    Great News

    My son in law who lives 5 miles from me just was given the free use of a 1/5 acre lot to use for fruit trees and vegetables. All we have to do is get rid of all the weeds and till it and he has the machines to do that job. So are families very well could be self sustaining. His father lives near...
  7. SavinaRed

    New Trees for the Yard

    Last year I added a Flavor Grenade Pluot which became our favorite stonefruit. This Year added a Flavor Punch Pluerry and the very first miniature white nectarine called an Artic Babe. And a Tango, Pixie and Owari mandarins and a Cara Cara and Moro Blood orange. I'm up to 38 different varieties...
  8. SavinaRed

    Spring is in the air

    I have the following trees in bloom all in containers and the fragrance is amazing in my backyard. Dwarf Washington Navel Cara Cara Moro Blood Oroblanco Kishu Okitsu Wase Satsuma Honey Mandarin Tahoe Gold Yosemite Gold Shasta Gold Gold Nugget Variegated Pink Eureka Lemon Meyer Lemon   Now I...
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    Caviar Anyone ?

    My brother caught this fish that just happened to have 8lbs of eggs. So at $70 an ounce for California White Sturgeon we decided to look for a recipe to cure it at have homemade caviar. It turned out amazing and we have gorged ourselves all week on caviar like gluttons. Here are a few pics .
  10. SavinaRed

    Japanese Maples Anyone ?

    I picked up a couple of dwarf varieties last fall and we decided to re-landscape our front yard and tearing out our lawn before summer. I live on a corner lot. My wife likes the idea of a few Japanese Maples as focal points in the yard so we picked up 3 different colored varieties today. A Coral...
  11. SavinaRed

    Fresh Rocotto’s

    I just picked these off my outside overwintered plant yum yum.
  12. SavinaRed

    Video tour of my backyard

    I just uploaded this on youtube I took the video a couple of hours ago. Check it out and any feedback would be appreciated my friends. I didn't realize it when I first started with all the different fruits I was planting but its called backyard orchard culture. The philosophy is planting trees...
  13. SavinaRed

    Temperature control for perfection

    I just ordered this for my pour over , french press and aero press coffee so that I can make the perfect cup of java. My son has the $100 version but I'm a cheapskate haha      
  14. SavinaRed

    overwintering Some overwintered Aji pics outdoors

    Here are a few peppers that made it through winter and taste pretty good, they are in my 8x4 raised bed that is 3 foot deep. In the next couple of weeks I will be pruning them way back and taking off the peppers and giving them lots of nutes for spring.
  15. SavinaRed

    Berry Varieties

    Who is growing what and lets hear your successes and failures and what growing zone are you in. I'm going to pick up a couple of new varieties of raspberry plants today the Baba Red and the Fall Gold. That will give me 6 different varieties this year. I have 7 different blueberry varieties , 6...
  16. SavinaRed

    Red Jalapeno & Serrano Sauce

    Yesterday I picked over a hundred jals and serrano peppers that were red and made my first sauce of the year. I used all the peppers which filled up 3/4 of my Blendtec and used 2 cups ACV, 1 sweet onion, 3 TBS of garlic, 1 TBS seasalt, 2 TBS honey, 1tsp smoked paprika and a 1/4 tsp of cinnamon...
  17. SavinaRed

    Piper nigrum

    I just ordered a peppercorn plant from Logee. They have a vine type growth pattern and can get 10 plus feet. I love fresh pepper corns and can't wait to grow this plant to maturity. I'll post pics when I get the plant.
  18. SavinaRed

    Cycling Anyone ?

    Last year I began walking 10-15 mikes a day and was considering jogging but didn't want to risk any knee injury with this 57 year old body. I'm only 5 lbs from reaching my high school weight as a senior which isn't an easy task. It has mostly been done though dieting and watching my carbs. So I...
  19. SavinaRed

    Bluetooth Speaker look no further !

    I just picked up my Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth speaker today and all I can say is it is worth every penny and will fill up a room with amazing sound quality with zero distortion. I read lots of reviews on different bluetooth speakers under the $300 range and this one stood out in quality and...
  20. SavinaRed

    overwintering Overwintered Rocotto

    At least I'm getting a good start on one of my over-wintered rocottos throwing out pods right now. My other plant should start throwing pods within the next couple of weeks. I'll throw up some pics once both plants get pods on them. I should have a good harvest with these 2 plants this year and...