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    for-sale Medium Boxes Habaneros (Paper Lantern) $36

    Any more of these available?
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    container Using fresh pince bark in container mixture

    Thank you CaneDog!!! I have been doing some research and it looks like it could take anywhere from 2-6 months depending on variables (size of chunks, amount being composted, temp and whether or not additives are used. I started composting a little over a yard of pine bark mini nuggets hoping...
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    container Using fresh pince bark in container mixture

    Update - The season went great, my peppers produced a lot of great tasting fruit. Question - preparig for next year I'd like to start composting some pine bark over the winter (zone 8, so winter is not real cold). How long does it need to compost to be safe? Is there any danger in attracting...
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    container Using fresh pince bark in container mixture

    CaneDog,   Thank you! The info is greatly appreciated. I am excited to grow some peppers again, it has been a few years since I have (logistics, moving etc).   Hope you have a great year - thanks again! Mark        
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    container Using fresh pince bark in container mixture

    Sorry if this has been covered, I have been reading up all week. After moving, I have to start over. I have no containers or mix coming into this season. So, I bought several different size containers. When I went to pickup my ocean forest potting soil they were low on stock. So, my question...
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    Sweet Peet or ProMix for growing medium

    Bummer. I guess I am back at the normal part of the decision making process where you realize there is no perfect solution.   I may have to spend some time and try to find a retailer to get a truckload of potting mix - whatever they have.    
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    Sweet Peet or ProMix for growing medium

      Correct. I do did not see it as a growing media either. I have used stratight manure (properly aged) in the past. I wondered if it would be ok to do that with the sweet peet. I can get a yard of sweet peet for the cost of 7cf of pro mix. The other option the landscape house is leaf hummus...
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    Sweet Peet or ProMix for growing medium

      It's actually a few dollars more here, $43 per bale. I can get a yard of sweet peet for $42. Even uncompressed as Joyners points out, it is 7cf per bale, making it 4 times the cost. I don't normally pinch pennies, but that is really substantial!   I really appreciate all the input so far. My...
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    Sweet Peet or ProMix for growing medium

    The cost difference is substantial. 1 bale (3.8 c.f.)of promix is the same cost as a yard (27 c.f.) of sweet peet. I love promix to, but we are planning on moving next spring so this will only get used one season. If I was going to use the same medium a few years it would be a little easier to...
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    Sweet Peet or ProMix for growing medium

    Hello all,   Long story short, I am growing my peppers in containers this year. In the past I have used promix with great results! A local shop is selling sweet peet as a mulch, but it sounds like it may make a great growing medium (and a lot cheaper). Does anyone have experience with it, and...
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    free Free superhot seed SASBE giveaway - 40+ seeds for first 10 replies

    I would love some! Thanks for the generous offer!
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    Guess who is back? (Dr P)

    Welcome back!
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    free Free super hot seeds!

    I would love to get 20 if you still have them. PM me your address and I will send out baggie and envelope! Thanks, Mark
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    Pepper Joe's

    Who do you recommend? I am aware of hippie and pepper gal. Had good luck with p-gal, didn't try hippie yet.
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    Best place to buy pepper in Ohio

    I am traveling to mid Ohio tomorrow and wondered if anyone knows of any nurseries in the area from Columbus to Cleveland that carry some unusual pepper or tomato plants. Anyplace in the northern half of Ohio would be great! Let me know if you know a good place to deal with. Thanks in advance...
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    Pepper Joe's

    I had a great experience with pepper joe's. I bought 15 or so kinds of seeds from him last year. They had an excellent germination rate and seemed to grow true. I was pleased, and produced some impressive plants. IO planted some of last year's seed this year, and again had a good germination...
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    seeds Update on my Bhut Jolokia seedling

    Looks great so far! Keep up the good work. The aquarium water is probably quite beneficial. The lights don't seem to be hurting the plant at all, just make sure to have a night cycle as well so the plant can recover. I use weaker lights and tend to leave them on longer.
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    seeds Planted multiple seeds in one container, separate or sacrifice?

    I think that depends on how many you want to grow. I have the same thing going on, some of them germinated better than I anticipated (which is good)! I am going to transplant maybe half, and then cull off the rest. Congrats on a good start!
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    media Organic Jiffy seed starter ok?

    Thanks for all the input guys! I went right to 3" pots to eliminate a step with transplanting later. I think I will try a regular 72 cell starter for the shorter season varieties in a few weeks. So far it went good, one bag did 49 pots (I think they are technically 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.5" tall). Not...