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  1. SineNomine

    SineNomine 2021

    Hi all! Although I'm pretty old around here, this will be the first Glog. I have been growing peppers on the balcony since 2014. Last year I switched everything to hydroponics and I am very happy with that.   Here is the growth list:   Suspended pots:   - Fatality 6   - Fatal Red 2   - Devil´s...
  2. SineNomine

    chinense Semi shade chinense

    Hi all! I grow peppers in the balcony and the part with the railing is in semi shade. From your experience, what kind of chinense produces very well in semi shade? Thanks !
  3. SineNomine

    Hello from Bucharest, Romania

    Hello everyone! It is the fifth year of growing peppers on the balcony. This forum has been a great inspiration from the beginning. Thank you!