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    music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

  2. SineNomine

    PaulG 2022

    I grew Dwarf Chiltepin from Semillas in 2018. They are very vigorous plants that branch from the second or third row of true leaves. The picture shows the difference between the two Dwarf Chiltepin and the other peppers.
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    Growdown Throwdown 2021 XL Antep Aci Cross

    I would like Purple Thunder. It would be very interesting to compare the beautiful colors of the pods.
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    PaulG 2022

    Already 2022? Good luck with the new growth, Paul!
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    SineNomine 2021

    Last night was the first frost, -1 ° C (34 ° F). The plant chosen for bonchi died so I decided to grow one from seed. I hope to start the next Glog with a nice bonchi. These Fatalii have 16 days.
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    wanted Box of interesting mild to medium peppers with thick flesh

    4 years ago, the round pheno found a permanent place on my balcony. I only grow them for pickling.
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    Dutch Bucket Pubes

    It looks great! I dream of something like that. Do you still have space in the greenhouse, what do you want to grow?
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    shipping European import taxes

    Today I received the seeds ordered from Semillas. No fee.
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    Still cold, even smaller and also wet! 2022

    I wish you success in the new growth! I may be wrong, but that tank seems transparent. You don't have to leave it like this because you will have algae in it soon.
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    vendor Semillas La Palma

    I will place an order soon. I can order for you and then send it to you.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Still cold, still small, growing somehow 2021

    Hempy bucket. No water pump, no air pump, no noise.
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    heat Do cold nights have a detrimental effect on pods?

    Stressed plants will increase capsaicin levels.
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    shipping European import taxes

    I'll find out soon. If there are different rules here I can order for you too.
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    shipping European import taxes

    We have never paid extra fees for Semillas shipments. Canaries Islands belong to Spain which is in the European Union.
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    SineNomine 2021

    I needed a jar with a vacuum valve for the green sauce so I emptied one of the 1 gallon jars into a vacuum bag. The sauce looks and smells great. (#23 / August 29, 2021) I kept it in the freezer overnight so I could vacuum it. In the green sauce I put a mixture of green C. chinense, green...
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    SineNomine 2021

    Thanks! The system works very well so it will stay the same. I'm still looking for some peppers that will produce well at the bottom of the balcony where there is partial shade. I rely mainly on C. Annuum for that.
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    SineNomine 2021

    Ferments at 26 and 25 days. The fermentation almost stopped in all jars. I leave them for another 1-2 weeks and then I pull them in the vacuum bag for maturation.
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    issue Hydroponic leaf curl

    It looks like a virus. I would cut all the affected parts and i watch the next shoots.
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    Purple Thunder / Bhut Jolokia x (PdN x Bonda Ma Jacques)

    I would like some seeds from the beauties in Guru's pictures. The pods look incredible! I will be able to make room for two plants in the suspended area of my balcony.