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    marketing Good T-Shirt websites?

    Not really sure where this post falls under so throwing it in the business section.   I'm looking into making some t-shirts to sell. From what I've seen t-shirts don't seem very profitable at all, but really just to get the brand out there. Curious to see what others think about offering them...
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    Sinister Craze Giveaway!!

    To celebrate the launch of our newest sauce, Sinister Craze (Raspberry Chocolate Reaper) we are giving away a bottle to a lucky winner.   The giveaway is going on right now through Facebook. We're using the gleam widget which is pretty cool because you actually gain more entries (increasing your...
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    Sinister Craze (Raspberry Chocolate Reaper)

    My wife and I spent a lot of time fine tuning this sauce into what it has become. We wanted to create THE premiere dessert sauce that would be amazing on every dessert imaginable but versatile enough to go on other foods too. Breakfast lovers will enjoy this on pancakes, waffles, scones...
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    Is your stock pot burned?

    Sometimes when cooking, you'll run into problems with your stock pot being burned. Maybe it's a thick sauce you are cooking, or you forgot to stir. Whatever the reason, this little tip may help you.   Pour white distilled vinegar in the pot, then boil the vinegar for 10-20 minutes or longer if...
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    tutorial How to determine your hot sauce cost and ingredient cost per bottle!

    This might be self explanatory to some, but I figured for new hot sauce makers, this might be helpful to get started.   To determine the cost of your hot sauce and ingredients, you need to have a recipe with a list of ingredients indicating how many ounces you purchased versus how many you are...
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    bottles-jars Bottle Stamping Lot Code

    I'm curious what other solutions are out there for stamping lot codes/date codes on woozy bottles. Are there any good stamping machines that people use, or some other solutions?
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    Powder to Pod Equivalent?

    I'm starting to work on some new recipes and I'm not familiar with cooking with Trinidad Scorpion powders. We've done mostly Habaneros and Ghost pepper pods so far.   If I had Trinidad Scorpion powder, or Carolina Reaper powder, does anyone know how much powder would be equivalent to a pod?  ...
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    Hi from Virginia

    Hi everyone!   I'm a hot sauce fan from Virginia. My fiance and I have a hot sauce company just starting our journey at farmers markets and selling online. Looking forward to spending a lot of time on the business forums soaking up the helpful information posted there from those who have been...