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  1. Indiana_Jesse

    Grow Log 2021

    Lets see if this works. Trying this site from my phone. Hopefully an image of Kahari Mirch will appear.
  2. Indiana_Jesse

    How old is/was your oldest hot pepper plant?

    I'm just curious about how long people have kept a pepper going in the ground or in a container. I kept one C. frutescens pequin type from Mexico for 3 summers and two dried out while I was on vacation the third overwinter...even though I had someone that was supposed to water it.
  3. Indiana_Jesse

    Anybody try NUMEX "Cinco de Mayo"?

    Curious as to whether anybody has grown this and used the peppers in food?
  4. Indiana_Jesse

    Bolivian Ajies

    I just wanted to share a link to an amazing photo of ajies in a market in Tarija, Bolivia! I have nothing to do with the photo, I just love ajies. I believe the ajies in the very front are what we call "Purira", and the two...
  5. Indiana_Jesse

    Chile Puya (or Pulla)

    I buy these dried at a local tienda, so I don't NEED to grow them, BUT I was wondering if anyone has grown them? I was also wondering if anyone has tried them green (unripe)? If they are useful green, I may consider growing a few, instead of just buying them (very cheap) at the store. I'm...
  6. Indiana_Jesse

    vendor Kitazawa seeds

    This is my favorite vendor for veggie seeds. This year I tried the "Bird" chiles, and I am very happy how they turned out, very robust plants with nice hot tasty 2" long green chiles, very prolific!
  7. Indiana_Jesse


    All of the chiles I've grown from seeds from this site have grown true with outstanding germination! The jwala from here is the REAL deal! Sorry, no superhots, just a great variety of chiles useful for traditional Indian/Asian cooking. I've grown from here: Damini Jwala Aruna Phuljadi I also...
  8. Indiana_Jesse

    Any info on Chile Ciruela (El Salvador) or Chile Guaque (El Salvador/Guatemala)??

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these chiles from El Salvador? They may be just local names for a chile with a different name in Mexico? Thanks!
  9. Indiana_Jesse

    Fragrant Aji Amarillo Leaves

    Has anyone else noticed a somewhat strong smell coming from their aji amarillo leaves? I notice this on my plants when I move the leaves around while inspecting, moving, or transplanting. It is somewhat of a unique smell to me, somewhere between a poblano pod and a datura leaf. It's not a bad...
  10. Indiana_Jesse

    Indiana_Jesse Grow Log 2012

    Hopefully this one will be a great deal better than 2011! My growlist changes daily, so I may or may not periodically update it for my own entertainment. C. frutescens (Mexican Bird/Pequin de Vera Cruz) overwintering indoors, this spring will be its third growing season. Thai Red Aji...
  11. Indiana_Jesse

    Anybody grow rare (in U.S.) Herbs popular in Latin America? Such as Culantro?

    Just curious, and wanting to hear peoples experiences. examples include Culantro (not cilantro!), "Cuban" Oregano, Mexican Oregano (any of them), Chipilin, Hoja Santa, epazote, etc. I've grown epazote for several years now and I love it fresh and dry with beans. I've grown Papalo/Quilquina...
  12. Indiana_Jesse

    wanted Free Isolated Serrano Huasteco Seed with SASBE

    U.S. ONLY! 15 Serrano Huasteco seeds free with proper SASBE! Harvested 2 weeks ago from ISOLATED plant in greenhouse. For larger quantity: 20 for $2.00, 50 for $4.50, 100 for $7.50. Plus SASBE Respond to this thread and PM me please for my address. Also, please let me know your THP name...
  13. Indiana_Jesse

    wanted Wanted: Habanero Improved Strains- Jaguar and Mayapan

    I just thought I would throw this out there... I am looking for some seeds of these new improved strains (Jaguar and Mayapan), not sure if anybody has them available in the United States, but I thought I would check. I will trade or buy. These are improved strains of the common Orange Habanero...
  14. Indiana_Jesse

    chinense PLEASE post some Scotch Bonnet pics!

    I have such a craving for some new (or new to me) pics of scotch bonnets. I guess I have a pepper-porn addiction that needs to be satisfied with some new visuals! So please feel free to post any pics you have around of any type of true scotch bonnet, whether it be of harvested pods, or whole...
  15. Indiana_Jesse

    wanted WTB: Fresh Ripe Pods of Following Varieties

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a few of the mentioned ripe pods. I am most interested in the Limo Rojo. In regards to the Amarillo, I am looking for nice ripe (orange) 4+" pods. I realize Pancas are used dry, but I have never had my hands on a fresh one! I have had all of these in dry form...
  16. Indiana_Jesse

    Book Reviews?

    I know there is not a ton of books out there (yet) on the topic of chile peppers, but I was wondering under which forum I could post an opinion of a chile or gardening book?
  17. Indiana_Jesse

    favorite Favorite Non Yellow 7 pot/pod?

    Hi everyone, I would like to grow one variety of 7 pod next year, but I need help deciding which one. I have very limited space that is why only one :( I already grow a yellow 7. Hopefully I will be able to taste test a few over the next couple of months as members here offer some. I tried to...
  18. Indiana_Jesse

    Red Congos at Kroger?

    On Sunday I went grocery shopping at my local Krogers/Payless in WL, IN. I was shocked to find large red chinense in a bin near the orange habaneros in the produce section. They were not labeled! I couldn't resist and picked two of the largest and nicest pods I could find. Surprisingly, they...
  19. Indiana_Jesse

    Indiana_Jesse 2011 Grow Log

    I'm going to Start with a list of what I plan on growing * = New for me this season P = Patio G = Garden Aji Omnicolor* P Trinidad Perfume P Orange Habanero P CARDI Yellow Scorpion* P Yellow 7pot* P Super Chile Hybrid P&G Serrano P&G Jalapeno Early P&G Jalapeno M* P&G Pasilla Bajio G...
  20. Indiana_Jesse

    Maui Purple

    I've seen a few pictures of this pepper in different threads, looks beautiful! For those of you who have grown this pepper, how does it taste in either the unripe purple stage or the ripe red stage? How have you used it? Is it seedy and thin skinned like many other ornamental types, and...