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  1. MikeUSMC

    flavor What are some extremely prolific/early mild varieties ?

    Trinidad Perfume. This was, quite possibly, the most prolific pepper plant I’ve ever grown. Seeds were sown on March 15 (a few years ago), and this was the plant in July. These ripened to yellow, had just a touch of heat, and were very tasty 👍🏻
  2. MikeUSMC

    Hello from a new member ...

    Hey, neighbor 👋🏻 Cheshire, CT here 🍻
  3. MikeUSMC

    PaulG 2023

    I can’t even tell you how glad I am to hear that, buddy! Really happy for you 🙏🏻👍🏻
  4. MikeUSMC

    beer Bou's seasonal beer recipes

    I’m not a huge fan of dark beers (porters/stouts etc.) but, that does sound delicious! :cheers:
  5. MikeUSMC

    fermenting Kahm Yeast or Mold and what to do.

    The (unofficial) rule of thumb is to “follow your nose,” but that looks extremely sketchy to me… looks like cream cheese in there :shocked: My vote is to toss it. For next time, I’d suggest investing in some type of lid/airlock that doesn’t require burping. My $0.02
  6. MikeUSMC

    The unexpectational glog: a journey into the unknown

    Tough decision, @Bou, but, I think you made the right one! 🔥 Those D5 pods are literally the coolest looking peppers I’ve ever seen. They look like they’re made of glass! 🍻
  7. MikeUSMC

    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

    Hey, @Bou … 😉🍻
  8. MikeUSMC

    favorite Chocolate/Brown/Black Habanero options.......?

    “Black Cayman” might be another good one to add to your list. It’s a C. Chinense with a heat level that’s on par with (maybe hotter than?) a habanero. Very tasty peppers, in my opinion, with a sweet, fruity AND smoky flavor 🍻
  9. MikeUSMC

    MikeUSMC 2023 GLOG

    They canceled work today, so I’m at home, enjoying the first substantial snowfall that we’ve gotten all year (about 6” now, on our way to 8” total). Being in New England, this being our first “real” snowstorm, and the fact that it’s the last day of February, this is practically unheard of...
  10. MikeUSMC

    Dyna Glo wide body's coming home

    Looks great, @Wimpy69! 🔥 The two welded pipes on the side of the firebox… are those for more airflow (intake)? Where’d your exhaust pipe go? 😳 I’ve never cooked on a cabinet style smoker before but, it looks like there’s quite a bit of room in that thing! 👍🏻 Pork shoulder looks amazing too! 🍻
  11. MikeUSMC

    MikeUSMC: "Bury Me in Smoke"

    Good to know, dude, thanks! 🍻 You know I will! Lots of pics too 👍🏻
  12. MikeUSMC

    beer Being Crafty

    Hit the jackpot at my local spot on Friday 😍 As far as I know, “The Alchemist” brewery doesn’t distribute their beer. I’m convinced that someone who works at this liquor store just hits up different awesome breweries and resells the stuff, like this and, sometimes, beers from “Other Half” :lol...
  13. MikeUSMC

    MikeUSMC: "Bury Me in Smoke"

    It’s definitely on there, @sobelri, thanks! 🍻 This is the list of places (restaurants and food trucks) that I’ve got on my list, so far. If you couldn’t already tell, food is probably my favorite thing on the entire planet, lol :lol: Snow’s Franklin LeRoy and Lewis BRISCUITS Loro...
  14. MikeUSMC

    MikeUSMC 2023 GLOG

    Quick little update. I got the first round of seedlings potted up into Solo cups this morning. Nothing fancy, just MG Potting Mix, a bunch of extra perlite and a tiny bit of Osmocote 10-10-10 CRF granules. I ended up whittling down my grow list a little bit during the process too. Here’s where...
  15. MikeUSMC

    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

  16. MikeUSMC

    MikeUSMC: "Bury Me in Smoke"

    @Grass Snake, if I go anywhere farther north, I’m gonna head to “Casa del Grassy,” and we’re gonna cook some sheeyit on your Weber kettle and get blackout drunk, homie 😂🍻
  17. MikeUSMC

    misc "Hatch" chiles

    Sounds like a great time for you to start a cooking thread… :whistle: ;)
  18. MikeUSMC

    MikeUSMC 2023 GLOG

    Just went back and checked; the “D3 Goat” is a cross between a Bahamian Goat and a Butch T. Scorpion 🔥 No wonder that pod was so hot :lol:
  19. MikeUSMC

    MikeUSMC 2023 GLOG

    @stettoman @Grass Snake @Ratatouille I soak all of my seeds (every year) in Hydrogen peroxide using the ratios in this link. If I have the time, I’ll let them soak for 24 hours. If not, at least overnight: