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    pest Is Something Eating My Plant Leaves?

    Ah that's a shame they're fighty! I don't claim to be an expert at growing peppers, but I have learned a lot over the last couple of years. If I can pass on a bit of knowledge to someone as passionate about peppers as me, happy days! 😁 If someone disagrees with me, I don't mind so long as they...
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    health Should I use a heat mat for cold plants?

    Is that for seedlings or germination?
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    health Should I use a heat mat for cold plants?

    Sorry, I meant young plants that you've already pricked out, not germinating seeds themselves.
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    disease Yellow Jalapeño Leaves with Green Veins

    Thank you for that, that's a really handy chart! If I manage to fix the deficiency, will the affected leaves return to normal or will it just be a case of others not going the same way?
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    health Should I use a heat mat for cold plants?

    On this subject, what's the optimum temperature to set the mat at for seedlings? I've read varying information that states anything from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius (64 to 77 Fahrenheit), which is quite a big range.
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    pics Tabasco Running Wild!

    Awesome! I can't even get my Tabasco plants to flower properly, don't think they're happy. They're the first frutescens I've tried to grow though and despite looking healthy, I can probably count on one hand the number of flowers I've had on the three plants this year. They were grown from seed...
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    free 7 Pot Savannah - In memory of Dustin (Nagacanario)

    What a fantastic sentiment! Looking forward to seeing the grows!🙂
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    seeds Can I start seed germination in June in So. California?

    If you're willing to overwinter the plants, then go for it! 🙂 It might be a bit late in the season though to expect any mature fruit from them (depending on what you're looking to grow) but you'll have a head-start for next season. The longer, warmer days this time of year will help the plants...
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    My Welcome thread

    Hey Michael! Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello from SC.

    Hey Pawleysplayr! Welcome to THP!
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    Hello everyone!

    Hey Primodlt! Welcome!
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    pest Is Something Eating My Plant Leaves?

    Hey Tinkerbelle! Yes, all my plants are indoors, always have been from germination! 🙂 I guess if I'm only getting nibbles here and there, it's not something to be overly concerned about, but the fact I can't see anything that would be doing it bugs me (excuse the pun). I'm on a few pepper FB...
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    disease Yellow Jalapeño Leaves with Green Veins

    Hey THP! Some of the lower leaves on my Jalapeño plants have developed this strange pattern: - I've been hunting around the Internet to try and identify why they've gone like this, but can't find anything conclusive. Possibly variegation, possibly tobacco mosaic virus, possibly a vitamin...
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    pest Is Something Eating My Plant Leaves?

    Hey Tinkerbelle! They've always lived inside. I've checked the rim and underneath the pots, nothing. Someone's recommended spraying them with isopropyl alchohol diluted with water at a ratio of three parts water, one part alcohol. Any thoughts on that?
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    pest Is Something Eating My Plant Leaves?

    Hey Tinkerbelle! Thanks for looking. Like I say, I've had a really good hunt all over the plant with a magnifying glass and I can't see anything at all. I wonder if it's a house spider or something? Is there anything I could treat the plant with to deter pests?
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    Hi from the rural Canadian prairies!

    Hey there, welcome!
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    Hey Scott! Welcome!
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    Hey Jose! Welcome!
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    pest Is Something Eating My Plant Leaves?

    Hey THP! I spotted this leaf earlier and I thought I'd ask for thoughts on whether or not it's a bug issue: - This plant lives indoors and that's always been the case. There aren't tons of leaves like this all over the plant, in fact I can't find any others at the moment. But I do notice...
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    heat Eating whole peppers....or using them in dishes...heat difference as opposed to hot sauces?

    Funny I should find this thread while searching for something else! It tickled me, because I thought back to the takeaway curry I ordered last night. It was supposed to be vindaloo strength, but really wasn't spicy at all! The veg soup I had for my lunch was way hotter.... thanks to finely...