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  1. Yantz

    business I’m officially a business!

    Congratulations on your hot sauce business going live! That's a remarkable step. Selling those first few cases and getting an online store running are significant milestones. Any updates on that?
  2. Yantz

    baccatum Aji White Lightning Bolt

    Well, the Aji WLB seems to be the most productive plants in my garden!
  3. Yantz

    baccatum Aji White Lightning Bolt

    I'm growing these as well this year. F1 and F2 seeds provided by cone9. I may also be sharing some WLB pollen with some other pepper plants.. Anyways so far they are the most productive pepper variety in my garden.   
  4. Yantz

    for-sale Mixed box for sale

    Would you be willing to do a medium flat rate box or a discount on two smalls?
  5. Yantz

    hybrid Cross Question

    My understanding is that every seed inside of the same pod can have a different pollen donor. So just because one seed grows as a cross/hybrid doesn't mean the others will. It takes one pollen grain to pollenate one seed in a fruit. I could be wrong but that's what I've seen mentioned numerous...
  6. Yantz

    recipe Secret Aardvark Clone (YM)

    This is my first attempt at a secret aardvark clone. I think it was pretty spot on. I wanted to digitize the recipe before my written copy that has been getting shuffled around, disappears. I made this recipe last winter and my notes on the recipe suggests increasing the white wine vinegar and...
  7. Yantz

    Cube 6x6 full 80 pods for 35.00

    I'll take one as well if you have more than one available
  8. Yantz

    5 boxes SFRB Iowa Hot Boxes 16$

    Oh okay so both chocolate peppers are the chocolate bhuts? I couldn't have been happier with the peppers and I have already made hot sauce with 4 of them. I have to say its one of the best tasting sauces ive ever made. Its sweet and tangy up front then this slow long burn sets in later on.  ...
  9. Yantz

    5 boxes SFRB Iowa Hot Boxes 16$

    Peppers came in and look great! Thanks Randy! BTW is it safe to assume that the yellow bhut has more of a point and the yellow moruga has a rounded bottom. Also determining the difference between the chocolate bhut and the 7pot x chocolate bhut. Does the chocolate bhut have more of a point on...
  10. Yantz

    SFRB $14 *Updated*

    Just got my boxes. Suezotiger couldn't have been any more prompt than he was. Quick to respond to messages and had them out soon after. Got here sooner than expected. Thank you!   Oh and he even made it easy for me to identify what was what as you can see with the labels on the inside of the...
  11. Yantz

    5 boxes SFRB Iowa Hot Boxes 16$

    Third box, I'll send my address in paypal with the payment.
  12. Yantz

    Make Your Own SFRB- Over 100 Varieties- $14

    I sent a PM wanting a couple boxes. Let me know if you want the sale. I can wait till next week its no problem. Just wanted to put a marker here.
  13. Yantz

    Mixed MFRB $20 Sold

    Is it still available? Pm me if so, I'll gladly take it.
  14. Yantz

    SFRB $14 *Updated*

    I'll take two boxes of super hots if they are still available. I'll PM you.
  15. Yantz

    Caught the Lactobacilli bug. (banana for scale)

    I decided to combine the red and green sauce cause they were both variations of a sriracha recipe. I also combined the two yellow sauces which were both variations of the same sauce as well. This freed up two jars. I'm going to try my hand at making sauerkraut and kimchi.
  16. Yantz

    Caught the Lactobacilli bug. (banana for scale)

    Unfortunately they don't make a 1 1/2 quart jar. These are 2 quart jars, 1 quart jars would fill to the brim and leave no room for expansion. Any ideas?
  17. Yantz

    Caught the Lactobacilli bug. (banana for scale)

    Thank you SmokenFire. You guys are great. I like it here haha. Anyways I got it all accomplished today. I found a local source of 2 quart jars, plastic wide mouth jar lids, 3/4 inch OD 7/16 inch ID grommets, and got some 3 piece airlocks. I sanitized everything using Star San (which is amazing...
  18. Yantz

    Caught the Lactobacilli bug. (banana for scale)

    Thanks guys, you have thoroughly answered my questions. I guess the only thing that I'm still uncertain about and I can probably search for a while on it, but does cooking the sauce for hot fill change the flavor any? Such an interesting subject. So I guess I'm going to led these ferment for a...
  19. Yantz

    Caught the Lactobacilli bug. (banana for scale)

      Yeah, It smells incredible right now. I just walked by and caught a smell. I would definitely recommend trying it, even with store bought peppers to test different ideas. I started out by looking at tons of recipes people have posted and broke it down into average common elements, then drew up...