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  1. Tool2323

    issue Long list of issues

    I'm pretty sure I need a different fan. What should I be looking for?
  2. Tool2323

    issue Long list of issues

    So I can definitely say I don't have a green thumb and I've had a lot of issues with my chili plants. I have some questions about my plants that I couldn't really find answers about. I have 5 plants indoors ( I had 6 plants before it got cold and had to let 1 outside to die) it's definitely not...
  3. Tool2323

    Welcome Thread

    Hello, I've started growing Chili Plants as a hobby. Quite a rollercoaster so far. I had a Jalapeño plant but I let it die out during the Winter due to limited space indoors. I did save my Habanero plant though. I bought Ghostly Jalapeño seeds and seeds of a Pink Tiger Ghost Pepper cross online...