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    business Bottle Filler Machine

    Hey All, Been a while but im back with a question! We are looking to move from using a funnel to a bottle filling machine. I've been looking at alibaba and a few other places. Has anyone ever bought one from there? I know the plastic tubes they have won't handle the 200 degrees that we bottle...
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    legal Hot Sauce and Kombucha

    not a stupid question! yes they would still have the probiotics that come from the kombucha. The sauce isn't fermented or anything, just cooked normally in vinegar. 
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    legal Hot Sauce and Kombucha

    So I'm working on a kombucha hot sauce and i am unsure what new license ill need for that. I have all the permits/licenses needed for normal hot sauce. But this new sauce would need to be refrigerated because I am not cooking the kombucha rather adding it at the end right before bottling. Is...
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    vendor Hot pepper vendors/farmers

    I'm looking for 10+ pounds of each pepper
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    vendor Hot pepper vendors/farmers

    He just throws the peppers in the box and does 2-3 day shipping. do you happen to grow/sell scorpion peppers?
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    vendor Hot pepper vendors/farmers

    Hey All,   I'm looking for a new fresh hot pepper (Scorpion, ghost, habanero) farmer or producer that I can start buying my peppers from in bulk. The guy I currently use is having a hard time dealing with shipping i.e., not properly shipping the peppers so by the time they get to me they have...
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    labels Label Applicator

      at the time of purchase, i wasn't aware that they would come on a clear backing. But mrs angry cat wanted our logo to be "floating" felt like it would set us apart from other hot sauce labels/companies. It does look good on the bottles. invested in 500 labels of each so no turning back now lol
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    labels Label Applicator   I couldn't get the image to just come on here so that link will have to work. The backing is clear plastic and the label doesn't come off as easily as it would on the paper ones. Hand applying creates bubbles so we have to use a card to slide any bubbles out and it...
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    labels Label Applicator

    do you happen to know what they use? We pretty hand are hand applying and using a credit card while applying the label to get the bubbles out.
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    labels Label Applicator

    Hey All,   I'm looking for a label applicator. Manual or Automatic, doesn't matter. But the thing is, we have clear plastic liner rather then the paper/wax style. It's harder for the label to peal away. Doing it by hand its too tedious and can have a bunch of air bubbles. Takes about a minute to...
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    bottling Bottling Machine

    We use a Hand Piston funnel. got it on amazon for like $25 i believe. My sauce is on the thicker end. Holds about 40oz Its good for small batches, can take time if you're making large amounts.
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    campaign 2 Angry Cats Kickstarter

    Hey all you hot sauce enthusiasts,   My hot sauce company has just gone live with our kickstarter campaign. Just in time for the holidays! You don't have to back us but give it a look over and if you could share it that would be amazing! Also check out our social media:   Instagram: 2angrycats...
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    2 Angry Cats spring up!

    Hey all,    Recently started my own hot sauce company and this place has been a great resource that helped me out! More then willing to share my experience but to also keep up on the hot sauce world!