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    yield How to increase my germination yield and how to harvest seeds

    I have problems with really fresh seeds too. I don't know what the biology is either. Do they need to see a dry period (drying out) or something? Could we be looking at genetically modified or crossed to the point of inviability? Hope you figure something out and will let us know what you...
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    seeds Extremely old (80 years?) seed germination question

    It would be great if people either didn't start this sort of conversation or were willing to provide a few updates. I love the way people post all sorts of problems with cars, computers, spouses, pets, bosses, employees... then just go away. "I think I'll try a restart and see if that helps...
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    lighting How do you guys automate your growlights?

    Me too. Fairly easy to use with Alexa too. Set up a routine that turns it on and off at select times. I use these with "her" so I can sit on my rear and tell her to turn things on and off. Then I have to walk around the garden to make up for not getting up to turn something on... Cheers!
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    lighting Help choosing grow light

    Hate to say it, but it's going to be tough to provide the light you'll need for peppers for $50. This is close and would "probably" do for a single, small plant...
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    Nice to meet you all!

    Hello to all. Thanks for the very nice welcome. Refreshing, considering the general attitudes around the net. Cheers!
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    tutorial Starting a Food Business 101

    Fantastic info! Really comprehensive and answers many of my questions. Much appreciate the efforts to post this! Cheers!
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    Hey fellow pepper heads! I'm an amateur hot sauce maker who might move to big time soon!

    I've often thought about going down similar paths. I hope you will post your efforts. I always get a bit concerned about what sort of certs, etc. one has to address in order to sell food type stuff. There's a local pepper, sauce, trinkets, souvenir shop in my area that I've thought about...
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    Nice to meet you all!

    Thanks much! Really nice to meet you. I hope I can contribute as I have already gleaned some good info from you guys. Cheers!
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    Nice to meet you all!

    Yep. I know. I just don't think about pictures until it's over. I could get testimony from the FedEx guy, the UPS guy, 2 neighbors and my XYL who took maybe half of the fruit. The other half fed the javelina... I'll document next year if the plant does well next season. Thanks Mate! Cheers!
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    tutorial The Comprehensive Guide to Over-Wintering

    Thanks much for sharing your knowledge. I'm attempting to over-winter a pepper for the first time. The info will be a great help. Cheers!
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    Nice to meet you all!

    I have already gotten some great info from the site. This is just too much fun! I'm in southern Arizona and grow indoors and out. I had an outdoor Sugar Rush this year that produced an incredible harvest. No one would believe me if I tried to describe the plant. I cut it back and am trying...