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  1. laynlow

    wanted Looking for plants for sale

    They still have some left but not much
  2. laynlow

    This sounds interesting

    Looks great!  Thanks for sharing the recipe
  3. laynlow

    Carolina Reaper chex mix

    Looks good!
  4. laynlow

    smoking Braided Pork Tenderloin on the Gasser

    That's the part I like about it the most.
  5. laynlow

    smoking Braided Pork Tenderloin on the Gasser

    Looks awesome!  I've never seen braided meat before.  Sounds like a good idea.
  6. laynlow

    Smoke Somethin

    So sorry for your loss :tear:
  7. laynlow

    The Last Great Pizza Thread

  8. laynlow

    Burgers? Hell Yeah!!

    :rofl:  :rofl:
  9. laynlow

    condiment Garden Salsa Dip

    Awesome!  Can't recall seeing basil in a salsa recipe before.  Very interesting!!
  10. laynlow

    for-sale Hot pepper fudge for sale

    I can vouch for sawyers fudge it is really good!!  And he doesn't know me from Adam. It's worth the money!!
  11. laynlow

    for-sale Red Ghost Original Strain Plants for sale

    The fudge on it's own is worth the money!  Thanks again!!  All plant arrived safely and fast too!!
  12. laynlow

    fermenting Ferment #1

      He did  :surprised:
  13. laynlow

    Two SFRBs - Assorted Pods - $16 Shipped - Box 1 LEFT - OTHER SOLD

    I'm down for box 1 if still available.
  14. laynlow

    free Free Pods!!!

    Cool of you!     8283
  15. laynlow

    tutorial Making some puree today...will post pics of the's easy....

    Yes definitely one of the best threads!!
  16. laynlow

    Giveaway - closed

    Cool   11111100
  17. laynlow

    for-sale Plants for sale

    I'm very interested when you have more stock
  18. laynlow

    no I think it's code for "blacked out" LOL

    no I think it's code for "blacked out" LOL
  19. laynlow

    Naga Morich Sauce