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  1. Maligator

    Beautiful colors but my God that 7 Pot is hot

    My CCN Beni highlands plant was one of my most productive plants last year I ended up digging it up at the end of the year, repotting it and gifting to a friend of mine because he loved the pods so much! Plants are looking good Sauce
  2. Maligator

    How many plants can you manage?

    I average around 50 plants per year...I rotate new ones into the mix each year in an attempt to figure out which ones I really like, the ones that are ok, and the ones I do not enjoy. There are SOOOOOOO many varieties to try that I fear I may never get to the end state. I try not to "over...
  3. Maligator


    Very exciting Judy
  4. Maligator

    raised-bed Rocoto's in raised bed?

    I planted 4 in raised beds last year and they grew like monsters...about 4 feet tall and almost as big in circumference. They were also strategically placed so that they got afternoon shade from a large pine tree. The only problem I ran into was getting them to ripen in a timely manner. Middle...
  5. Maligator

    New member and grower

    Welcome to the forum. The best advice is to read the posts: tons of information and questions answered in them. Best of luck on your garden this year
  6. Maligator

    Favourite tomato variety

    Tomatoes for this years garden are coming from CCN... 2. COYOTE 8 JETSETTER VFFNTA HYBRID 2. SUNSUGAR FT HYBRID
  7. Maligator

    alkhall 2017

    Plants are looking great!!! The weather has been really variable up here as well: last night was down to 33! I need to get my butt in gear and get my raised beds ready for the plant-out still. Look forward to watching your progress.
  8. Maligator

    D3 2017 Keeping it mild.

    Plants look great...if I stay in Michigan I am DEFINITELY going to need a greenhouse to facilitate my growing needs!!!
  9. Maligator

    Guru's Garden - Traveling the World in Search of Peppers

    Holy cow!!! That's a super sized garden area...pretty envious of that!!! Can't wait to watch the progress. Plants are looking very healthy and a nice deep green.
  10. Maligator

    tsurrie's 2017 glog

    Your garden area looks great! Can't wait to watch the progress.
  11. Maligator

    Wicked Mike's 2017: Enter the Dragon

    Great list Mike and I've already got my eyes on a few of those plants so I can get a few new pod types to try as well as the usual suspects!
  12. Maligator

    Over run with Ajis for 2017

    Looking good
  13. Maligator

    TheGreenChileMonster's 2017 GLOG

    Love all the Rocoto varieties! Plants look great
  14. Maligator

    TXCG 2017

    I think it's a pretty common practice to grow to many...I've cut my list from 42 pepper plants down to 20-22...we'll see how long that number stands :P
  15. Maligator

    Goji berries

    Thanks, I'll give that a shot.
  16. Maligator

    TheGreenChileMonster's 2016 Grow

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person to freeze entire bags of pods. After taking nearly 7 hours to chop and process pods into freezer vacuum sealed bags, I got tired of it and just started throwing them into freezer bags and calling it a day!!!! But I've got peppers for the entire winter...
  17. Maligator

    Goji berries

    My plant/small bush had been producing berries and it's only about 12" tall. I wonder if different variants have slightly different tastes because it's not all that great so far... I still have it in a 16" potter but I'm thinking if it doesn't improve in taste I'll switch to blueberry bushes...
  18. Maligator

    Planning for 2017 - advice needed please

    I agree that from my own experience my Peach Bhuts were much more prolific than the red. The reds produced well enough but my peach variant exploded with pods!
  19. Maligator

    Planning for 2017 - advice needed please

    I would also choose the Bhut Jolokia as far as the super goes. Mine have been very prolific, which is a strong consideration for me, and as stated previously it still packs a punch! I grew two Reapers this year and neither of them put out all that many pods compared to my Bhuts or my Brainstrain...
  20. Maligator

    Are you cutting back the grow in 2017 or expanding?

    I'll be redesignating space...I always save a little space for new varieties to try out but some of my plants exceeded my allocated spacing so that requires a bit of reconsideration for next years locations. I'm going to be focusing on the baccatum and pubescens family of peppers primarily...