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    Open pollination reliability when growing multiple varieties?

    When growing peppers in close proximity it is chancy when attempting to get uncrossed seed stock. If you are not going to take precautions such as netting the parent plants or gluing the flowers closed etc. you cannot be assured of true stock from the subsequent fruit.   Most likely though, not...

    powder-flake Pepper powder question

    Then fair price is totally what you think it is.

    powder-flake Pepper powder question

    What does it weigh? 1 oz of powder is equal to roughly 1 lb of peppers. so figure what the going rate for 1lb of super hots is, multiply by jar content of oz and add whatever labor you feel is worthy.

    CAPCOMS 2020 glog

    I pretty much took the year off as I did not plant a single seed for 2019. All I had were overwinters that I neglected a bit and due to a poor summer did not produce anything to speak of.2019 is over and I am looking forward to 2020 for several reasons. But politics aside I will address the...

    chinense Which chinenses are the muskiest?

    If you are after the chinense flavor, I would suggest cumari do para.   A small pepper with the most intense chinense flavor I have found in a single pod.

    End of season questions

    Covering them will be fine. I have had brown morugas uncovered weather as many as 3 frosts and still flower. You will be good till a solid hard frost. then there will be no question as to when the season is done.

    Interesting variation

    Not a huge harvest, but a continuation from last year. Will be growing second generation crop in 2020 in hopes of securing genetics to carry forth the cross and more solidly establish it. I also for now, will cut back the parent and overwinter it again until I can get viable offspring.

    peppers rotting on tips

    Blossom endrot is due to a calcium deficiency. You could have a pH imbalance in addition and that causes the plant to be incapable of absorbing calcium that may be available for uptake.

    lighting Time for a new lighting system

    I have had my current 1000w HPS/MH system for 6 years now. (see below).      My current system accommodates my 110 sq ft room.   I am not keen on LED for a few reasons. 1 I find LED hard on the eyes and I spend a lot of time in the grow room. 2.The do not produce as much heat, a byproduct of...
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    Interesting variation

    Over wintered 7 pot hurgundy cross producing again this year.
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    seeds Are my pepper seedlings doing ok?

    Look good. may be getting leggy. what kind of light are you providing? Are you running a fan?
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    hobbies GUNS!!!!

    Finally pulling the trigger on the .308 I have been promising myself. Maybe it will follow me home this week.
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    misc Mead

    I have been wanting to do the same thing. Joined a few groups and the advice is to begin with 2 hives not 1. probably will cost you a good grand for start up if you don't do it on the cheap, which is frowned on.
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    misc Mead

    Ah, Honey wine. I thought someone as trying to get my attention.  
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    overwintering My over winters

      10-10-18 and 12-12 18
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    overwintering My over winters

       10 hours of 1000w Hortilux HPS Actually all but 4 were container grown in 15 gal pots. I cut back top growth and root ball and repotted into 7gal pots for the winter. Idid pull my best chocolate reaper and chocolate primos out of the ground shortly after the hard frosts started.
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    Become a chef?

    Any idea what you want to specialize in? 
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    overwintering My over winters

    A couple before and after pics of my over winters from this year. Getting tons of flowers and even some pods starting to form on some.    
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    Oh, and by the way, heres my overwinters starting to spread their wings.
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    drying Any tips for oven as dehydrator?

    I should work absolutely fine. Temp is the biggest issue. You need to be able to get it down to 160. I used the same thing(except gas not electric) for a couple years before getting a dehydrator.