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    hot-sauce Warrant Man!!!

    Fine sauces!
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    I-O! I see you have not been on here for some time so you ma not see this.

    I-O! I see you have not been on here for some time so you ma not see this.
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    chinense Looking for 7 Pot White seeds

    I had been growing 7 Pot White peppers as far back as 2014. I know I sent seed for them out to a handful of members back in 2014 (and probably 4 to 5 years beyond) when I was trading a lot as well as gifts sent to new members. Somehow, my 7 Pot White seed disappeared before the 2023 season. I...
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    Guru's Garden - Traveling the World in Search of Peppers

    What a beautiful plant!
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    Kramer Grew a Pepper (Maybe)

    You got the touch, Kramer!      My plants are embarrassingly behind yours!   (mine range from 2" and one set of true leaves down to waiting to germinate) But I'll get there.
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    Kramer Grew a Pepper (Maybe)

    Hi Kramer.    Nice looking plants you have there!   Whole lotta heat.     I am just west of you, in Dover.  (We will likely be identically blessed or cursed by what our late spring weather brings.)
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    I'm Bored

    ...but at least I'm drawing good cards  
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    I'm Bored

    I'm Bored...  
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    Unknown little peppers

    Nice to have a plant that grows dollar bills, but next time pick one that grows Franklins.
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    Seed Etiquette (JHC)

    JHCs sound nice.  Last year a local friend gave me a couple dozen choc habs he had grown.  Now in the past I was never fond of "chocolate" varieties as those I had tried I found too bitter.  I tried his choc habs and they were great pepper - I made some fine sauce with them.  I hope I saved seed...
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    I want to grow really large pepper plants next year in large containers. What are the largest pepper

    Cheesehead,   PM me your mailing address and I'll send you some seeds that might be of interest to you to try.
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    Free seeds

    I don't need seed, just offering kudos for sharing, Aaron!    It's that spirit of sharing that makes THP such a great place.
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    Greetings from NE Ohio

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    Thank you all for your kind comments.  Losing her has left such a void in our lives.  Every time I come in the door I still expect to hear her footsteps coming to greet me.    I've been here before and I'll get through it, but she was just such an exceptional friend.
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      We lost Alex on 4/11 to Hemangiosarcoma. When we rescued her at 1 1/2 yo, I thought ahead to when we would probably lose her in about 10 years.  Instead, we had 12 1/2 amazing years with this incredibly dedicated and loving dog!  I should be grateful, but I'm right not. Right now, I am just...
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    How to make sauce hotter???

    Yeah, Reggie...put that olive branch back in your pocket and save it for someone deserving.  That guy had a log on his shoulder.  Bet everyone/thing he touches he turns to s**t!    Gotta pity the poor folks who have to work with a jerk like that.  Certainly can't be many that choose to play with...
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    How to make sauce hotter???

    Too bad the intended recipient  won't get to see it as he has taken his leave!     How does one go about acquiring an inactive membership anyway - besides being a complete a??hole?
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    New member

      Oh yea...sorry...I got so engrossed in soupçon  I forgot.   Welcome to THP!  A place where we learn endless ways to set our anuses on fire. (most of which are accomplished without the aid of a matchstick)         Had a rough day today.  Time for a feeble attempt at some humor and then it's off...
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    New member

          I have!   Lifted that sentence directly from Google, Boss!
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    Sweet peppers

    I love Corbaci Sweets (but they are annuums).  Come to think of it, I should grow them again this year.