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  1. Pablo_h

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    Sometimes it's not the seeds, but it's you or the media you are germinating in. About 4 weeks ago I plants 20 new varieties. 4 popped up in the usual 1-2 weeks. After that, nothing. 4 weeks later I checked them, 7 were rotted and bad seeds. 3 had germinated but didn't make it to the surface as...
  2. Pablo_h

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    Like I said before, maybe wrap the buckets up with newspaper? Or rags? Those air pots are not for aussie summer for sure anyway. I was only going to use them for winter grows myself when I was thinking about them.
  3. Pablo_h

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    Soil looks very wet and maybe not a good draining mixture. Also all my seedlings looked like that after spraying for aphids with pyrethrum (leaves yellowed and curled, and dropped off), so it could be a burn if you've sprayed something.
  4. Pablo_h

    How do you spice up your instant raman noodles

    Can't you get plain instant noodles in packs of 10, just add your own flavourings. Bit of soy and/or oyster sauce, dark soy, kepac manis, or stock powder, or sriracha, or hoisin etc etc Image taken from another site, I know nothing about those brands or make them how they suggest. Here it's...
  5. Pablo_h

    We Just Got GREAT NEWS!!

    Very happy for you man.
  6. Pablo_h

    health Cutting, did I do it wrong?

    I don't think a container of water is that great (no air, and maybe they don't like light?), and I don't think soil is that great, (lot's of bacteria/fungus/microbes etc.) I'm trying to save a few in coco coir. Letting them sit in pots on a saucer to keep them moist. So far, so good after 5...
  7. Pablo_h

    Megamoo's 2012/2013 Glog

    Are they in coco coir? As you know I started all mine in coir, but I could never get them that big. I probably didn't fertilize them enough though. I wish I did, because I transplanted many to potting mix where most got fungus (damping off ) and shrivelled at the soil line, or got root rot. I...
  8. Pablo_h

    Mezo`s "super hots" Glog including the 'big' solar dehydrator.

    Could always try planting a distractive crop, like chinese red noodle (yard long) beans. Apparently they secrete honeydew like substance so ants love them and even guard them, also ladybugs like them too. Been trying for a while to grow them, but plants never seem to grow and get taken over by...
  9. Pablo_h

    pests In need of some serious help. Aphids.

    Once you go chemical, there's no going back. It's a bit like when growing plants using compost and bone meal and other organic ferts, you can't really water with tap water and MG soluble ferts later, they don't mix. Likewise using shitty potting mix and expecting organic fert additives to break...
  10. Pablo_h

    Leaves falling Off?

    I've seen this sight many times unfortunately... Root rot or fungus. Root rot is normally proceeded by constantly limp leaves. Edit: on more mature plants they do go brown on the ends too, and maybe a bit yellow. On younger plants they just go very very limp but tend to not go brown or yellow...
  11. Pablo_h

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    I chucked one in a coles bag. The bunnings bag is much bigger and I didn't have enough potting mix for that one. It was more of a winter thing, to see if it could escape being over watered due to rain better than a bucket, as it could breathe/evaporate water better. Tests are inconclusive as it...
  12. Pablo_h

    HELP, 4 weeks old sprout getting sick? (photo attached)

    NO. At that age they need no extra nutrients. The purpling is just from the light!
  13. Pablo_h

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    Yeah, pre bagged organic potting mix is expensive. I only know of debco, amgro and miracle gro though. Amgro organix Harry also used and said it was good. I mainly used Debco organic (about the same price, $11 for 30L), last year, and those plants did way better than regular potting mix. EG I...
  14. Pablo_h

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    You mention potting mixes and Perths soil, so not sure if growing in the ground or in containers. But you can get a way with a lot more if growing in the ground. I put some of last years plants that had pests or disease in the ground and they are doing better than a poor potting mix for sure...
  15. Pablo_h

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    I want to speak to someone that makes these ferts on day, to ask why they chose the ratios they do. As far as I know, you need a high nitrogen and phosphorous content early on, nitrogen for green growth, phosporous for root growth, and not much potassium, but some is needed, along with fe, mg...
  16. Pablo_h

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    You use jiffy pellets right (or fothergills versions)? Why not reuse the netting from them? If I was using jiffies I'd be saving the netting for seed isolation and anti fruit fly netting.
  17. Pablo_h

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    I've seen those brown things! I never knew what they were, I normally just pick them off. For aphid haters, get your hate on, I found this video: http://video.nationa...wasp_parasitic/ Went to the local bunnings today, I never go there because I know it's crap, but had no choice. Other...
  18. Pablo_h

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    I hate wasps. To know how much, just imagine you're on the roof of a 2 story tiled house, and just you getting up there annoyed them as they had a nest under an eave/gutter. Option 1, be catious and get stung to hell. Option 2, run around away from them and hope you don't break tiles or fall...
  19. Pablo_h

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    I don't think so, you need to allow 5-6 months. 3-4 months for plant growth and 1-2 months for pods to grow and ripen. But we have a long season so you should be OK by Feb-March. edit: you might get flowers forming in the 3rd month, but if you let them pod, the plant doesn't have energy to...
  20. Pablo_h

    are these broadmites??? if so... how to go about it

    I forgot leaf miners, thankfully they go for my leafy green vege and herbs. But yeah, I thought gardening would be a way to de stress, and something not too expensive. I damn well need that and that's why I'm doing it. It hasn't worked out that way though :( The only way to combat it, and not...