misc 1$ hybrid seeds Bryan's Blood x ... this is as low as I go. 100% of the proceeds to go Disabled American Veterans by ebay

Have you pulled the advert down?
This ship has sailed, but I am always making crosses and having crosses ripen.

I am also always giving out free seed to those who make a donation to Disabled American Veterans and list me as an honoree.

The donation remains tax deductible for the donor and I receive a letter stating the donation was made directly from DAV.
If you are interested, my crosses are generally, but not always, heavily influenced by jalapeno, poblano, or both Jalapeno and Poblano with a few being crosses between say Trinidad perfume and Jalapeno and the like.

My address is:
Eric Knight
6000 Watkins Road
Wendell, NC
(919) 522-9969