$20 SFRB Shipped of Super Hots

Will Ship Out Monday-Wednesday.




Will include a free pack of seeds with each order.
+$10 if you want them labeled.
WimminBshoppin said:
Hi, any of these plants still dropping? I'm looking for an sfrb
Yes I can ship out some on Tuesday or Wednesday if you want.
ericlitman said:
Hey! Any JPGS?

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I have a good bit of Jays Peach Ghost Scorpions I can fill over half a SFRB of just JPGS, probably could fill then entire box but don't know until I check for sure.
ericlitman said:
Cool, LMK if you can get to a full box of JPGS and count me in for them. Shoot me a PM with your PayPal once you know.

Yes I can fill a box with JPGS, and I can add a few Gator Jigsaw if you are still looking.
I've still got plenty on the plants, I can ship to the east coast tomorrow, if you aren't close, then it's Monday -Wednesday shipping. I should have 2-3 more weeks of good production left, unless we have a late frost.
Also if anyone wants some mild to sweet peppers, I can fill a few boxes with Aji Fantasy Yellow, and Aji Bulsa De Dulce, and Sweet Peach Cross as well. Would make a great looking box.
I shipped 3 more boxes today, so you all get some more Pod Pics.
Datils and Peach Bhut Jolokia

Shipping has stopped for the week but will start back up on Monday, all ready have 2 possibly 3 orders to ship, so if you want some mid week let me know.
Got my SFRB in just a day or two after asking Hawkins about them. The peppers looked absolutely fantastic. Couldn't have asked for better! Thanks, Hawkins!


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