$20 SFRB Shipped of Super Hots

Another good day of picking and shipping.
Get them while they're hot!
ericlitman said:
This is how I spent my Sunday with the 2.94lbs of stunningly gorgeous Jays Peach Ghost Scorpions I bought from Hawkins.

I hope you had proper protection. Those things are spicy!
ericlitman said:
Sure did! Wicked peppers. Hottest JPGS Ive had and they made one hell of a sace!

They may or may not have been unintentionally stressed during a period of extreme heat because someone forgot to hit the "ok" button on the irrigation system. I checked the weather adjusted the schedule didn't go out to check for a few days and everything was looking droopy. It was supposed to be watering every morning and instead hadn't watered in almost a week during almost a week straight of 100 degrees.
ericlitman said:
What are the hottest, fruitiest peppers you have left? Love my JPGS sauce so much I want to recreate it with another pepper.

I've got Carolina Reapers, 7 Pot Primo, and Trinidad Moruga Scorpions in the quantity you would need. Very hot, but they do have a slight fruitiness before it feels like lava flowing down your throat.
Wanna trade a mixed box for a mixed lot of sauces?
Shipped a few boxes today, hoping to get at least 3 more weeks left of shipping. Taking orders for Tuesday, and Wednesday shipping now.