20 years off, the heat brought me back.

Wow, it's been 20 years since I last grew hot peppers. The Hab and Datil we're the hot ones in the day. I was at a party last year and had a slice of jalapeno pizza and my mouth was on fire. I was like wtf I used to eat hot peppers raw, so I started looking for my old seed company but couldn't find them, but did find a ton of online stuff so I went and ordered 4 varieties, jalapeno, sugar rush, yellow scorpion and aji charapita.
Most have been doing great, I did make a rookie mistake and nearly tanked half my plants.I'm trying to make it through the season with this batch so hopefully I can get some advice from experienced growers.
In the meantime, great to find you all and looking forward to learning alot and talking Chile's.


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