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200 mixed pods 55.00, 120 for 33.00

I have far too many pods to work on. Large flat rate box of mixed superhots 55.00 and medium flat rate with 120 pods for 33.00. This price in not for Hawaii for the large. Medium ok. Also sfrb of mixed 12.00. If you want a custom box 15.00 sfrb.

Reaper, bleeding Borg, sb7, bbm, ch reaper/scorpion, unreaper, mustard mama, BOC , Jays reaper, Lucy 7 and yellow primo.

All profits go to my daughter in college. Ps if your freezing where you live the pods might freeze!!


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Priority Mail is either 2 or 3 days to all points in Hawaii and Alaska, depending on zip code. No different than the lower 48. I ship a lot of packages to both of them.
I've heard Hawaii has some agricultural restrictions but not sure.
smileyguy697 said:
Out of curiosity why not hawaii? The large box I use is not a if it fits it ships. A cube I sent to Hawaii cost a bunch more to ship. Nice haul btw
Pepperhead1989 said:
I can answer that. I'm sure it has to do with shipping time and the pods going bad. Hope I'm not wrong haha
the boxes I use cost 40 percent more to ship.
As always super nice pods. Thanks for the "Hawaii" bit, but you are safe I think I am done for the year. Happy Holidays to you and the Family...