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2014 rghm1u20 glog - updated Sept.06.

I have here some (so far) unknown plants, later I hope will find out with your help guys what they are.
The list is:
known peppers:
7 pod
aji amarillo
aji jamaiquino
bonda ma jacques
carribean red
chile serrano
chupetinho 2013
chupetinho original
bishop's crown
dorset naga
haba brown
haba golden
haba red Vuk
haba rosu
haba orange1
haba white
haba orange2
jamaican red
lemon drop
rocoto (probably red)

so far unknown:
"from Nicu"
yellow long
black 1
black 2
black longer
row 6
red short
red long
Thai (from Feri)
Thai black
Thai short fat
The "oldest" peppers were started on 31st January, some on last week in February, and the latest on 10th of April.
New add: they were left outside over night for the first time. We had +10Celsius at 6am. All looks good! Over day they have sun, a bit cloudy weather, and a bit of shadow from the vine. Also a bit of wind, but this is good, since I had no fan inside.
With the help of God, will transplant into the garden maybe next week.
So far only one, but interesting picture: a 4 petal flower. Not sure how often this can be seen, but I don't remember other like this.
Update: after days with heavy rains, temps oscillating, the chiles feels happy, grow and have buds (excepting my classics, where I already ate a bunch of pods). Few pictures I took today.
Bonda ma Jacques

aji amarillo

african (so was labeled by the guy who gave me the seeds)

lemon drop



7 pot
nice healthy looking plants you have there ... the pods too
what's the soil like? it looks very clayish ... looks loke the plants love it
Thank you! :-)
Yes, clayish, somehow...

Another update photos:
Chupetinho.... endless!


Carribean red

Aji jamaiquinho - this is the name under I got these seeds, not sure exactly what they are.


These I got as Lombok, but the pictures I found on the net looks different, I found a single one with peppers looking like these, labeled as Wild Lombok. Will open a topic as "unknown pepper" too.
Sorry for late answer...
Well, I am not a pro in this, but I would say is very flavorful, fruity, not very hot (under habanero orange). Depending on your taste, because a coworker told me he find this too perfumed. I like them, as I can see I have a bunch of them.
Wanna some seeds?