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2018 Southern Hemisphere Grow Down-Under

Hi All
It's getting to that stage where we need to plan the next growdown.
I can supply the Aji Cito seeds, but will need to get them posted pretty quick so get voting
I also have no issue if we go with something else, but will need to order in good time as it takes ages to get to NZ
If you vote 'Something Else' post a suggested variety
Poll closes Friday 27th April
General Rules
  • Seeds to be started on or after start date
  • Germinate and grow as many as you want
  • All grow styles and techniques welcome
  • Only one plant can count towards your entry
  • Nominate your growdown plant at first weigh in
  • Weigh each harvest, and post picture of pods on scales here
  • Heaviest total weight of pods in one year from start will be the winner
  • Honour system - If you cheat the Aphid Gods will know
Ohh love this, Im fairly new around here so didnt know this was a thing you guys did. How many people usually get involved?

Just to throw out an alternative suggestion, Ive got a fairly decent Chocolate Habanero seed stock I could supply so Ill put that up as a suggestion but definitely happy to go for the Aji Cito as well.
Cheers Paul
Chocolate Habanero added to poll options.
Last year we started off with 13ish interested and will end with around 4 finishing up 21st June.
Hoping this year we gather a bit more steam
I have a few varieties that I have an abundance of seeds of. My season won't allow me to enter, but I can donate some seeds, if they're needed. Only thing is they're all OP. Possibility of being crossed.
DK Peppers said:
Can anyone join? Denmark is definitely not a part of the Southern Hemisphere, but I'd love to have a reason for an indoor winter grow!
No worries DK.
Don't see why some NH growers can't join.
Last day tomorrow for voting and then we'll get a list together of those that are interested.
If it's Cito's I'll get addresses for you all and get them sent asap.
Bring on 2018 Growdownunder
Based on interest and voting so far I now call polling closed.

Aji Cito we shall grow then :woohoo:

I will send a PM to each of you and you can reply with your address so that I can get seeds sent out.

Voting may have closed but if new contestants want to join please feel free to express interest. Just remember its going to take a good while for seeds to arrive so you may get a late start if you join late.