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2019 - Raised Bed Zone 9B Glog

My first GLOG, here is my list. Will start Feb. 1st, 3.5" deep pots in tray. Will be using seed starting mix, as opposed to peat pods the last couple of years. After germ, will put under T5 light until mid march. 


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skullbiker said:
Nice list. Needs Cherry Bombs.[emoji51]
Can try to add it, always looking for new varieties. Running out of room and trying to save some room in the garden for tomatoes...cant have fresh salsa without them...
I might look into adding another raised bed this spring, been wanting to.


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Sweet...Where you at in 9b? I lived in McAllen many moons ago and a couple residences in Zone 9 Corpus and Carizzo Springs...


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Good luck this season, Scott. 
You have plenty of heat on that list.
And a boatload of good eating peppers!
I've always had good luck with the Refining Fire seeds.
Enjoy growing those this season!