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2020 Chilli & Herb festival Australia.


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I headed down to the Chilli and Herb festival on Sunday. I've never been to one of these before so I didn't know what to expect, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be going to the next one. 
So many vendors, so many choices, so much hot sauce!


This vendor was able to lure some cash out of my wallet. 

This wine was purely made of chillies and not grapes. It was very sweet, and had a slight burn on the finish. I find so many products that are not typically spicy can be too overpowering once spiced, this was not the case here.


This name of this sauce is very familiar.  :lol:


I picked these two boxes of peppers up for a steal, I went back to get more but they had sold out. They are (apparently) Cayenne, the green will get pickled and the red are getting smoked and turned into powder.

I tried to limit myself in regards to hot sauces, I already have way too many. I did pick up two bottles of the chilli wine, and Banana/Chilli and Strawberry/Chilli (not pictured) liqueurs.

The liqueurs are delicious and a great alternative to a desert wine or port. They could also "apparently" be used in cooking according to the seller, but lets not kid ourselves here, am I right SL?  :rofl:
SR.  :metal: