wanted 2021 GROW AND SEEDS?

Hey guys I am looking for viable seeds if anyone has any and suggestions on what I should grow this year. Id love seeds from any habanero variety especially mustards. Fatalis, MOA Scotch bonnets, Jalapeños, Ghost varieties and Ajis of all kinds. Its been a couple years since I went hard I want to grow a lot this year. Hit me up if anyone can help, I hope everyone is having a decent winter.
How's the search going Tim?


Seems like insanity to me... ;)


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haha yea guys couldnt figure out how to repost the original in a different forum. Thanks for the help i checked the vendor vault. I will go with a couple guys there and seed savers it seems. Next year ill be giving the seeds from the fruits i get away free so let me know! thanks
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Hey dude, if you can figure out a Canadian stamp and an sasbe ill hook you up. Moa included. Cant help with a stamp though we are locked down til feb at least (phew.).

Happy to spread the chile love, this board has been amazing to me.