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2021 Late Glogs

Hey people,

New year, new topic for my glogs, I was thinking about starting glogs from the start but forget about it. Anyway, since my greenhouse is now settle and I have started to move plants inside, here is the first picture for 2021.
In total there is 51 plants (most of them haven't been yet transferred to greenhouse, I'm planning to do it over the next week), with the following varieties:
Hainan Yellow Lantern
Purple Bhut Jolokia
Carolina Reaper Yellow
Bhut Jolokia White
Bhut Jolokia Peach
Fantomas Multicolor
Apocalypse chocolate (etsy) 1
Mojo Frutegum
Aji Fantasy
Jalapeno Jalmundo
Lemon Drop
Sugar Rush Stripey
Aji Peruvian Orange
 CGN 23209
Cream Fantasy
Death spiral
Thai Dragon
Piri-Piri (from last year)
Fatalii (from last year)

All of them are in 12/13liters pot which should be somewhat OK to have decent production!
I'll post more pictures by the end of the week.


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Sure Pepper_Merchant, 2 pics of tomatoes/cucumber that are in the greenhouse and one from the outside. It's a 12 square meters one, (3meters x 4 meters and 2,20meters high).


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Small update: I have been re-potting a lot of plants (among others stuff, like sowing carots/beans/pumpkin).
I am not yet worried, but on some plants there is white spots, others are whitish (but that is because of a huge miss of sun and good temp during May) and some have curling leafs.
I do believe, they will go back on track but I'm curious about what is happening -> too much humidity? not enough humidity? too rich potting mix (universal mix + peat) ? too high temperature in little time?


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Hard to tell, but it reminds me of sun scald.
Your greenhouse frame looks great. Should
be a nice home for those plants.
Those are quite the tomato stakes. How far
into the ground do they go?
They are 30cm deep into the ground.

Sun scald is very plausible at this point. They are making new growth that looks healthy. Thanks for your input !

I'm working on outside garden now, so for the following is sow:
- parsnip
- carots (all red, but 2 differents varieties)
- bean
- yellow zuchini

And 3 pumpkins: 2 atlantic giant and 1 courge galeuse d'eysinne, that is already flowering (picture is not mine, but since I don't know the English name for it I illustrate)
More than 2 weeks after, it looks like plants are starting to be ready in the greenhouse !
Some are still a bit "meh" but they should be fine.


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I hope so, I'm way more confident for the season than I was 1 month ago. Out of my 54 plants, 21 have buds and 2 of them the first flower.
I'm also experimenting something about under greenhouse and inside greenhouse with cayenne plants -> for now, those outside stopped growing but, I'll talk more about that in 2 months.