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5 Puond rabbit on the coals. Covered in red flakes and powder.

This is one of our favourite meals. This time with rice on the side.
I love rabbit, can actually get it here at a local store called Bravo. Do you raise?
Yes we've been raising rabits now for many years. My compost is mainly from the rabbits. We also have laying hens. That also helps.
I plant in raised beds with a good population of aisian red earthworms. I just look after the worms. Feed them and put just enough water so they are comfortable. Every two weeks the rabbitry gets cleaned and the worms get fed. The plants look after themselves. In the worm compost there are lots of life. Soldierfly larvae too and fugus as well as a good bunch of bacteria etc. I just add bonemeal as well as blood water from the rabbits that we sell and eat.