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6 pepper sauce.

Hey all,

I love this sauce.

2 Jamaican Chocolate Habs.
2 Senegal Chocolate Habs.
1 Red Congo Hab.
4 Trinidad Doughlahs.
3 Purple UFOs.
3 Red Bhut Jolokias.

1Tbsp ground ginger.
1Tbsp fennel.
.5 Tbsp turmeric.
.5 Tbsp dill.
.5 Tbsp Garam Marsala.

10 small yellow mangoes.
2 cans crushed pineapples with no sugar added.

1 Large white onion.
1 Large red onion.
1 head elephant garlic.

4 Cups apple cider vinegar.
Juice of two large lemons.
Juice of three medium sized limes.

Everything chopped, everything boiled, everything blended, and everything boiled again. Jared.


Omm Nom Nom.



Business Member
old post, ... I'm guessing 3 quarts plus....and laughing again at JAG's Lick-N-Taste screens :lol: