pics 7 Pot Douglah pod halved

Hi Guy's

I grew 7 Pot Douglah for the first time this year in my wee Scottish greenhouse been surprised by the growth rate, production and size of pod's 😁

Interestingly held in ones hand and given a good sniff no real smell ? Unlike my Dorset Naga that smell sweet and fruity in your palm 😋

Cut In half a fruity scent came forth and the scent of heat ! the amount of placenta, seeds and oil was impressive to say the least !

Now I'm getting nervous.................I had planned to add the whole pod to a Nagaland pork belly recipe tonight........but was now toying with adding half !


A scary thing of beauty............


Oil can clearly be seen 😗

I decided I take a tiny slice from the bottom edge to try before adding a half pod to my curry .......literally a slice like a finger nail clipping........😳 Holy smoke a extremely brief fruity flavour before a scorching heat ! Wow ! I'm not to proud or macho to say I'd imagine putting bit of fuel rod from a nuclear reactor in your mouth would be similar. Wow just wow way way hotter than a Naga !

I shall have to ponder how best to use these mighty chillies......🤔

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Douglahs are no joke. I grew them once..... very productive and hardy plants from what I remember though I might look to popping a few more seeds at some point.