free 7 Pot Savannah - In memory of Dustin (Nagacanario)

Hi everyone, as some of you may know we lost a fellow pepper grower in March: Dustin Jain a.k.a. Ed Kohler went under the nickname Nagacanario here and on Youtube.
He got his nickname from two of the things he loved the most: growing peppers and Presa Canario breed dogs.
Some of us talked about keeping his memory alive back this year by letting people know about his creations and grow them, but it never happened.
Dustin was from Savannah, GA and almost 10 years ago started selecting pods from an accidental cross he had, probably a 7 Pot Yellow and an unknown pepper, which he called 7 Pot Savannah or Savannah 7 Hybrid.
Here some reviews of the pepper by Dustin, Nigel Carter and Bill Moore

Though some vendors had it for sale years ago now it's really hard to find, but I think there may be people here which had seeds directly from Dustin or some of his friends: the purpose of this thread is to put the 7 Pot Savannah back on the map, finding true seeds, growing them and pass new seeds to whoever wants to grow them, honouring somehow Dustin's legacy and his passion for hot peppers.

By no way I mean to make a business out of this, so there will be no selling and money requests (I know we're in the buy/sell/trade section, but this is a different thing).

If anyone has seeds for this pepper and want to jump on this train let's roll, I hope we can start a Community Glog for 2022 season already!

Please no scam or fakes, it would not make sense to take advantage of this situation.

Thank you for helping! :)

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