A few pics of my last harvest.

First season growing, second flush off these guys.  Peach ghosts, Habaneros, Cayennes, and Japs. 
Anyone have a favorite recipe for peach ghosts?  I had some success with a cayenne sauce with a couple ghosts added, but I actually have enough of them now to make a  sauce featuring the ghosts.  



I tried my hand at making a few different things with these peppers about a month ago when I took my first large harvest.  Habanero peach jam, Jalapeno jelly, dehydrated and crushed forms of all 3, Pickled peppers, and a Cayenne based hot sauce with a couple ghosts and a reaper from my dad's garden.  



Thanks for reading!
i've only made the one sauce so far.  Wish I had written down the exact measurements.  It was a very basic sauce with vinegar, salt, garlic, peppers, and a squeeze of lime juice after cooking.  Came out to 3.8 on my ph meter after cooling.
It was definitely a hit with my friends and family, I used a lot of cayennes and a couple habs and one reaper.  Lots of up front heat but tapers down within a minute or two.