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outdoors a fishing thread

I'm dyin' here.
Rigged and ready for bluegills.
On the Tenkara.
Ain't nobody fishing San Gabriel in Georgetown.
Ever thang on lock down.
I don't give a damn.
But its supposed to storm tomorrow.
Reckon I'll settle for this for now.
Love these local kine guys.
Done the mayo baked with halibut before.
Its no joke ono grindz.
Time to play the game.
I caught two of the Pickerel that I primarily target.  The smaller one just met the New York state 15 inch minimum.  The other was just under 16.5 inches.  I caught the little one with a worm and bobber.  The big one was caught while I was trolling with a Rebel Crickhopper lure.  This was a fun catch.  I had let out a lot of line (at least 75 feet) and the fish put up a big fight.   
In Alaska.
We'd pan fry pike.
For breakfast.
Or anytime.
One of my favorite fish to eat.
And theres something about the smell.
Of a fresh caught pike.
I don't know what it is.
I can't describe it.
But I like to be liking it.
A lot!


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dragon49 said:
Pumpkinseed Sunfish next to the Pickerel.
I'll post some lakeside pictures in a few days, but that’s all the fish for a while.  Back to work unfortunately.

Nice haul buddy, the size of your sunfish is quite impressive; thumb's up! And thanks for reminding me to purchase my fishing licence, walleye season is opening next weekend around here! FISH OONNN!!
texas blues said:
That perch.
I would scale it.
Gut it.
And fry it whole.
That's exactly what I do with all the fish I catch.  My filleting skills are awful, and I don't have the time to deal with trying to get it right at the end of a long day.  And, what's the big deal with eating around the bones? After the photos on the cutting table, I cut off the head just under the gills and pull the remaining guts out.  After I scale the fish, (Chain Pickerel have no scales below the head!) I vacuum seal right away, (my favorite lake has a power outlet on shore which is used to recharge boat batteries) and put them on ice in my cooler, as soon as I get back to the hotel.
The fish go into the freezer when I get home.  I'm a very simple cook.  After I thaw in the refrigerator for a day, I just fry on high with butter and season after.  Pickerel is my favorite, but Yellow Perch comes in a close second.
Fried fish tails.
Punkin' seed.
Like the best fish chips!
I can filet that punkin' seed with skin on.
With no bones.
Fry it up.
On toasted bread.
Tartar sauce.
Lemon squeezin's n' pleasin's.
Splash of hot sauce.
When Jesus fed the loaves and the fishes.
To the 5 thousand.
They didn't eat that good.
Have mercy!
The problem I have right now.
Is my home water San Gabriel river.
I can't find blue gills or cichlids big enough.
All I catch are palm size.
Not even pic worthy.
Posting to praise the YETI Tundra 45.  Thank you fishhead, as well as other internet people and the owner of my local bait and tackle shop for the advice.
Writing to report that all worked out well!  Before I took off for the lake, I put six bottles of frozen Evian in the YETI to pre-cool.  After the first day's catch I removed the still frozen bottles, put in a layer of ice, put the vacuum sealed fish in, and covered with ice.  I put the frozen water back in.  I repeated the process the next two nights; filling it up with whatever amount of bottles fit in.  The last night, I completely filled with ice. After the drive home, I put the fish in my apartment freezer.  
Very Impressed with the performance of the YETI Tundra 45.  Almost no pure water after almost four complete days.  
If I instead purchased a portable freezer and something with the compressor malfunctioned, I could have possibly wasted the lives of the fish, which would have been heartbreaking.  
I have two large tackleboxes filled with hundreds of dollars worth of lures, as well as bags of stuff that don’t fit in the overstuffed boxes. On the last trip, I caught all but one of the fish with a cheap worm and bobber setup.
I'll finish up this spring trip tomorrow with some pretty lakeside pictures, but want to share this irony before I got to sleep.
I picked the right weekend to go fishing.  I was initially worried a week to ten days before, as the long term forecast showed rain, but it turned out to be a beautiful four days.
Right now, the Northeast U.S. is experiencing some odd May weather and it's snowing upstate!
I'm already excited as I'm now checking out dates for a return trip.  Here are some beautiful pictures of the lake to conclude sharing my last trip:





I'll be back!