flavor A small taste of a Yellow 7 Pot

Some notes before the mini-review:

If the New Mexico Chile Pepper Institute folks still claim that their Bhuts are still the hottest, or the hottest commercial available peppers, then they are very bad scientists! This was much hotter than the Bhut I once ate, and I was able to tolerate much less of it. I can't imagine the pain of a Butch T Trinidad Scorpion.

Justaguy - I very much appreciate your statement that this may be hotter than a Bhut, because had I eaten half, or the whole pepper at once, my condition would have been much worse.

I need to stock up on some milk, yogurt, Ice Cream Cheese and other Dairy Products to relieve future pain.

I need to call this a "mini review," and not a "full review," as I only ate some of the pepper, around 1/8th.

Here we go:

Place in mouth, chew for a few seconds and swallow. The flavor is the exact flavor of a Scotch Bonnet, but a drop more bitter. The heat and pain are not instant. There is a slight delay, around 10 seconds before it builds up, and them another 5 seconds or so before the pain maximized. Pure pain, mostly on the tongue, a little in the back of the throat, and a little on the side throat glands. I get up and walk to the bathroom mirror to look at myself. Before I reach the destination, I experience regret. I am wondering why I did this, and why I do this to myself?! Just before I get to the mirror, I feel lightheaded, as if I am going to faint. Something inside my brain decided that it would be better for me to not be conscious! I paced for 15 minutes, drinking water and spitting out a little. 5 minutes later, I was well enough to resume my Mac and Cheese, although it wasn't until around 30 minutes after the "tasting" that most of the pain had subsided. It has now been a little more than an hour, and I still feel the oils on the very back of my tongue.

That's all for now.
Congrats bro! Took it well. I think that certain peppers effect certain people differently. Needless to say, well written. Also, next time break out the video camera or webcam! Let us all share your pain. :onfire:
My 12 year old loves the superhots with me and relidiously takes 1 or 2 of these before we get into them too far.

I will chew 1, sometimes too if the stomach starts complainiing. Stops it pretty quick.

dragon it sounds like you got the big daddy endorphin rush. I recommend leaning back in a chair and closing your eyes to fully enjoy those. And yes sometimes you lose a few minutes of time, but with your eyes closed passing out isn't noticed as easily IMO :woohoo: :crazy:
Dragon, you da man.

I found your review to be hilariously informative. I think your SPOT ON about the taste. SB with a slight tinge of bitter. I think it's the higher capsaicin content. Until I find the real deal with as much in your face flavor as this pepper, for my purposes, THIS IS scotch bonnet. All the others that bear the actual tag fail miserably when compared to this pepper. I've been searching for real SB flavor for the past 5 or so years and this pepper is the absolute closest I've gotten to what I remember back in NY. Prior to this, it was Fatalli. I was begining to wonder with all the so called SB's i've tried, if it'd been so long since I had real scotch bonnet that I just didn't remember what it really was like, but hearing this comment from you only cements what I've been thinking since I discovered this 7pot. THATs the flavor.

Thanks for the review.