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Advertising on Facebook ?

Does anyone know anything about advertising on Facebook?  I have looked at how it works and all I ever seem to find are ways to focus your advertisements on people who live close to you.  I would like to advertise to people that are in certain groups or who use certain words / searches.  More of an intellectual location than a physical location.  Figure spend a little money at first and see if it does anything.

PBM is doing great.  Our patrons are great.  But I am to the point where I can not do any more without an employee.  Thing is, not at a point where I can afford a decent wage to an employee.  So thinking maybe I need to bite the bullet next season, hire someone, and put money into expanding the customer base hoping it all evens out.

My thinking is even if it evens out and doesnt really profit, I managed to create a job for a friend and I get the help on days my legs are refusing to work fast enough.  Figure since Facebook lets you make the advertising decisions as you go instead of send a fortune and be in a contract, it would be the perfect avenue.

Other promotional ideas would be great.  Really want to get to the point where we can make a meaningful difference in a few employees lives.  I think I would be a good hippie boss.

The Hot Pepper

It's easier than u think. Click to Promote a post you have already made and you can see all the options as far as audience. 
+1 was Pookie said,
I *think* that it tends to work quite well, the fact that Facebook disguises your "advertisement" as just an ordinary post gets more people clicking, which is a huge help.
Good luck with it all, I'll keep an eye out for any extra PBM stuff I see on FB (I already follow ya :) )
Crispee-FL said:
Do you have a Facebook business page?If you do I will follow you and promote you on my blog as well.

That is sweet.  Yes, I keep a business page there and for Facebook, I absolutely love the folk who have signed up.  I mention orders will be delayed cause I have to go away for surgery and instead of getting angry, I get digital get well soon cards.  They are amazing people, very kind.  Not used to that in most Facebook groups.

I've done some advertising on facebook.  You get a lot of options.  You can specify the ad to only show to people of certain demographics like age, gender and such.  You can specify to only show certain geographic locations.  specify people who own certain animals, listen to certain music, have kids, are married, the list goes on.  I didn't have any success with it, but it could be my product(tee shirts I have designs) or it could easily be the fact that I am a complete marketing novice and probably made stupid newbie mistakes. 
loki1982 said:
 it could easily be the fact that I am a complete marketing novice and probably made stupid newbie mistakes. 
That is how I feel.  We sell about every pepper the farm grows and then in the winter we do well with seeds.  But we could do better during the winter.  I have more time.  So was looking to expand the seed sales.  Just no clue how to.  I am thinking maybe it is going to be like fresh peppers.  More and more each year till I reach my limit.  Word of mouth is great, just not fast.